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We tried the AirPods: they are crazy
We tried the AirPods: they are crazy

A week with the new Airpods, Apple's wireless earphones in our ears, and we fell in love with them: we explain why

When from the stage of the last keynote, Apple announced its idea of ​​a wireless future, we immediately understood that we were at risk of a new lightning bolt, because with the Cupertino brand every time it is a bit the same story: they put such a beautiful box in front of you. that even before you know what it is you already want it (and then maybe it's a charger) and you're screwed.

Because from that moment on, what you have in your pocket will be a little less beautiful and incredibly old.

And so, while we heard Taylor Swift humming "you look like my next mistake" in our heads, we watched the case unfold and a new object of desire for every Apple addicted was born, the AirPods, the new wireless earphones that can be used with all devices equipped with Bluetooth technology (even non-Apple) and for the first few weeks after its release on the market, hard to find at least as much as true love.

How AirPods Work


Open the box, turn on Bluetooth on your phone, confirm the pairing and you can use the headphones.

The time spent on: 7 seconds flat. It takes much longer to take the first selfie with the AirPods in the ears to post on social media to make friends with you.

Carrying on, you stick them in your ears and the music starts, you remove even just one and it stops, you put it back and it starts again. Magician Silvan, step aside: it's the closest thing to magic you'll ever do (unless you're an illusionist in life) and it's actually all about sensors that detect when the user wears them and when they're removed from the ear.

Perhaps the most incredible thing, however, is that although the microphone is apparently non-existent, and in any case very far from the mouth, feels great and they hear you perfectly, even in noisy environmental situations, whether it is the street or the subway platform with the oncoming train.

Once removed, they are stored with the predictable perfect fit in their packaging - which not only serves as a case but also as a charger.

How long does the battery last


Surprisingly, a lot. The AirPods offer up to 5 hours of use on a single charge and in addition, once placed in their case (a white case measuring approximately 5 × 4, 5x2 cm), they accumulate additional battery and the duration exceeds 24 hours of listening.

Being that when you take them off it is more convenient to put them in their case than to risk seeing them disappear in the lining of the coat, the result is that with a minimum memory effort they are (almost) always ready for use.

Between the earphones, a small led indicates it battery status in green or orange, to indicate the charge level of the AirPods when they are in the case, of the case when they are not.

Don't they fall out of your ears?


Again: surprisingly, no. The question seemed unlikely to us and we put them to the test in the most disparate situations, including jogging. (And those who have a smartwatch with Bluetooth, Apple Watch in the first place, will be able to pair them with the wrist device and leave the house without a phone and with all their music available in their ears).

Not only they never fell, but the feeling is that they even are more stable than brethren with the wire, although the physiognomy is almost the same.

The reason, simpler than you might think: what makes the headset move from its position in the ear is the movement or weight of the cable - so once that is eliminated …

The problem at some point it became that they are so invisible (with your hair down it's impossible to see if you have them in your ears - maybe you had them at the univers … ah, no, you can't write that) that people talk to you all the time.

Apple has eliminated the thin white line that divided those who speak alone from those who have headphones - and if the older generations were finally starting to understand that cable hanging from the ears = I'm not hearing you now we really have no hope of avoiding the mimes.

In any case, you are back in a big draw with the minutes you save a no longer having to undo cables - that with traditional headphones at «Wait, I'll put the earphones» there are on average three minutes of «Arrival, eh» heard through the speakerphone microphone during the crochet session that is used to undo knots worthy of a sailor.

For everything else there is Siri


Two taps and Siri wakes up. Easier said than done - the first day we spent tapping our ears with Siri who occasionally responded and sometimes not, but without our understanding where we had touched to succeed the times when the tap was successful.

More convenient, the "Hey Siri" option, which if set (Settings - Siri - Allow "Hey Siri" - Access with active lock) allows you to call the lady who knows everything and everything about Apple without having to take the phone out of her bag.

What can you ask Siri? Turn the music up or down, change songs, call someone, ask for directions, create an event on the calendar or a reminder in your notes.

In conclusion, roughly everything, although sometimes Siri will reply that to perform that particular request you need to unlock the device.

AirPods are on sale from December with a retail price of 179 Euros.

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