Edoardo Leo: Don't ask me to stop
Edoardo Leo: Don't ask me to stop

With the role of the rambling gang leader in the revelation film I can stop when I want, Edoardo Leo has become the actor to watch in Italian comedy. Grace met him on the eve of the expected sequel and discovered a very serious man. Which now takes a completely unexpected break


It is useless to ask Edoardo Leo what is the definition in which he feels best: actor, director, screenwriter, author. He can't stand captions. He just doesn't want to be closed in one word, in a single part. To the point that he loves to transform his face, canceling himself in the role he plays: in 2016 we saw him in Perfect Strangers and, also as an author and director, in What do you want it to be. Today he is the protagonist of I stop when I want - Masterclass, in cinemas from February 2nd. In short, a sequel. The original film, dated 2014, had a great success and made a lot of laughs, with the surreal story of a group of university graduates, geniuses and unemployed who invent a drug, with all that that goes with it. Leo, 44 ​​years old, is Pietro Zinni, the gang leader: the most wretched, funny, messed up. So, Leo, was seduced by the temptation of the sequel, a comfortable choice, but also a slippery one. «A convinced choice. Quit (as Leo calls the film, ed) is an operation that appears to me increasingly fascinating, increasingly pop, irresistible and overwhelming like a comic. Being in charge of a gang is something I dreamed of as a child. And so I accepted the sequel with the enthusiasm of someone who knows he's working on a unique project and is playing a character that will stick to him. Obviously I said yes, after reading the script which seemed even more beautiful and overwhelming than the first ».Which is not so usual: repeats of a hit are usually disappointing.“True, but here it's all the other way around. There is more action, more strength ».However, it is risky for an actor to have a part "sticking to him".«I quit is not a TV series, the risk is relative. And then mine is a beautiful character. I'm happy that he doesn't let go of me for a while, he keeps me company. And then I will always love him: it is the first role that allowed me a nomination for best protagonist at the David di Donatello ».Does it look like her?“Not at all. And this is the beauty of my job: the pleasure of finding yourself in existences very distant from yours. For example, Pietro has a characteristic that is very far from me: he makes inappropriate jokes at the wrong moments, tries to lighten up when a situation is serious, plays the fool when the moment is dramatic. Something that works in the cinema, but in real life it is unbearable. At least for me".Comedy magic: making us laugh at our miseries. And smile at things that, in reality, you hate. "Indeed. This is precisely the strength of cinema. But I quit also has another one. It is an action film that takes everything to a spectacular high level. And then the protagonists are very distant from the classic masks: they are not the usual scoundrels. They are intelligent, graduated, competent, evolved ».In short, the new misfits. You have said it several times: comedy must be ferocious.“Yes, I admit it, I don't want to make the audience tame, I like to shake it. Especially as an author and director, two roles where you really make films that look like you are like you. They say who you are ».How are you?“Tall and short, black and white. I'm a very serious person who sometimes likes to be an idiot.”Complicated. Is that the right adjective? "I would say rather curious. I'm insatiable with everything: cinema, music, stories, I'm always looking for something. I really like those people who approach you and tell you: "Do you know what happened to me?". And they begin to tell”.Those that appear annoying to many?"Just them. For me they are a huge source of inspiration ».Messy, nocturnal, late, same friends, same music. This is she described by her site. More to add?“There would be a world, of course, my world. But I am a very private person: I am very careful to keep my life and my family (his wife, Laura Marafioti, dancer and songwriter, and two children, Francesco and Anita, 9 and 5 years old, ed) away from the red carpets. Can I be honest?".Obvious.“I find it wrong to reveal oneself. You should know very little about an actor, otherwise his life contaminates the characters he plays. This is why I like to change my look often: long beard, short beard, no beard. I think it is a good thing for those who do my job: not to be too connoted, to make oneself little identifiable ». likes to change his look often: long beard, short beard, What do you do in your unidentified life? "Nothing special. I consider myself a show business worker: that's all. My life is not special at all, which is why I love to discover and tell the story of others. There is nothing autobiographical in the films I write, even if the tone and meaning are very similar to me. The stories are never mine ». Where do you write them? “I have an office where I go every morning, as everyone does. I go, I sit at my desk, I write. If I don't have the inspiration, I write the same. Sooner or later it will come and I want you to find me at work. There is very little fascinating in the existence I lead ". Perhaps he is diminishing a little too much. «I do not belittle myself, I am someone who works seriously, always very concentrated. I'm just saying that there is nothing heroic in what I do. Writing is also training. And tenacity. We must continually look for the stories. For one that's okay, I'll throw away a dozen ». All stories of others. "All time. I keep mine for myself. " Is there one coming after I quit? "There will be Stop 3. I said: it's a wonderful saga and I'm happy to be part of it." Movies written by you? «I decided to take a break, I have worked too much and I want to rearrange my ideas. I want to understand which way to go. I'm about to turn 45, it's an important age. You begin to feel that you no longer have all the time in the world and want to use it well. Now I know that the time of life is what it is, so I'm taking a break. You have to know how to stop every now and then ». "I stop when I want", in fact. "Yes, I took it literally".

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