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Oily and combination skin: the best organic cosmetics to treat it
Oily and combination skin: the best organic cosmetics to treat it

Do you have combination or oily skin and want to balance it? The solution could be a routine based on organic and natural cosmetics

There oily or combination skin it is a rather common condition of the skin that manifests itself with a generally shiny and oily appearance, more or less consistent presence of pimples, blackheads, dilated pores and redness, sometimes accompanied by dehydrated areas.

What are the causes of oily or combination skin?

There are several factors, both internal and external, responsible for this nasty skin condition. Starting from the physiological causes, which may depend on genetic predispositions, hormonal imbalances, digestive problems mainly related to the intestine or liver and the type of diet followed.

Contrary to popular belief, even the choice of cosmetics can greatly affect oily skin: products that are too aggressive can further stimulate the production of sebum, creating a vicious circle, while products based on occlusive fats can close the epidermis preventing it from breathing and to carry out its natural detoxifying activities correctly.

What are the most suitable cosmetics?

Oily skin must be thoroughly cleaned but never attacked and, above all, it must be properly hydrated. Natural and organic products specific for this type of epidermis are probably the best choice as they are free of harsh chemicals and occlusive silicones. These are mostly water-based products and precious natural oils capable of transporting their beneficial antiseptic and regenerating properties of natural origin to the deeper layers of the dermis, disinfecting and disinfecting it, as well as normalizing the production of sebum.

Discover our selection of the best organic and natural products specially formulated for the care of oily and combination skin in our gallery: from designer detergents Aurelia Probiotics, The true, Juice Beauty up to the masks of May Lindstrom and complete lines of Pai.

Oily and combination skin: the best organic cosmetics to treat it

One of the purest, most effective and famous detergents in the panorama of organic cosmetics. Creamy and characterized by a slight balsamic scent of rosemary, bergamot and eucalyptus, this product exploits the action of probiotics and peptides extracted from plants to thoroughly clean the skin of the face. It is applied to the face and removed, together with impurities, with the special antibacterial muslin in bamboo fiber with a delicately exfoliating action. Gives a radiant, fresh and healthy complexion.
A delicate cleansing mousse, particularly suitable for cleansing impure and oily skin, effective and non-aggressive. Contains saponins of natural and biological origin that eliminate impurities while respecting optimal hydration levels. Enriched with refreshing chamomile water and essential oils of grapefruit, fir and lemon, astringent, antibacterial and strengthening.
Cosmetici-bio-pelle-grassa_Intelligent nuterients
The Cleansing Gel keeps shiny and oily areas under control as well as balancing redness. Removes impurities and restores skin balance thanks to its concentrated natural ingredients: the lily calms irritation, the seaweed complex purifies and balances, the Intellimune® Antioxidant Super Seed Oil Complex deeply nourishes. The Refining Micro Polish is made of exfoliating microparticles extracted from jojoba that do not attack but refine the pores, refreshing the skin. Controls sebum production while hydrating like a nourishing mask that gives a soft, smooth and matte complexion.
Cleanser based on clay and essential oils for a specific cleansing of oily, combination or impure skin. It can also be used for hair and body and is based on the traditional Moroccan rhassoul soap.
This skin-friendly toner is specially designed for tired, oily or combination skin. Its ingredients revive the epidermis by illuminating it thanks to the combination of highly moisturizing spring water, anti-inflammatory organic aloe and essential oils of neroli, orange and mandarin. Enriched with cane sugar and maple juice to stimulate cell renewal. It also contains Hawaiian sea salt and lime which provide essential minerals to stimulate metabolism for replacement.
This 3-in-1 product is presented as an effective and delicate powder to purify, brighten, lighten and rebalance the skin. With a small addition of water it becomes a light, slightly exfoliating cleansing paste. If activated with a minimal amount of liquid it is used as a deeper action scrub. Finally, it can also be used as an anti-impurity mask that minimizes pores and leaves the skin radiant and satiny.
This precious serum based on gotu kola, extracts of lily, green tea, lavender and other botanical ingredients restores the skin's natural self-healing abilities, reducing redness and inflammation. It also takes advantage of the calming and nourishing properties of zinc, quinoa and sunflower. Perfect for rebalancing the complexion.
A moisturizing fluid specially designed for oily, combination or impure skin, based on organic mint and burdock whose essential oils disinfect and refresh the epidermis. Contains zinc, minerals of natural origin, salicic acid and salt bark that work in synergy to brighten the skin, mattify it, uniform it and refine the pores. It reduces and heals pimples, blackheads and blackheads, hydrating by balancing the production of sebum.
A light moisturizer that restores balance to the skin thanks to the combined action of manuka oil, avocado, macadamia and jojoba, rich in antiseptic, protective and moisturizing properties. It stimulates cell regeneration processes and protects the epidermis with a rich antioxidant formula.
A moisturizer based on minerals and trace elements to regulate skin imbalances caused by excessive sebum production. It restores the skin's natural radiance by deeply hydrating.
The clay-based Detox mask improves the tone and color of the complexion by thoroughly cleaning the pores, reducing redness and reducing swelling. It purifies without affecting hydration and is formulated to gently treat the skin thanks to an exclusive blend of natural minerals and essential oils. The balancing treatment, on the other hand, is a cream with a silky and non-greasy texture that helps the healing of damaged skin. It has a calming effect and at the same time frees from impurities and dead cells giving a completely natural glow. It lightens the signs of hyperpigmentation and treats inflammation.
A powder mask based on matcha tea and green clay, with effective detoxifying and cleansing results. It frees pores of impurities and provides a boost of antioxidants that promote cell regeneration while keeping free radicals at bay.
This powerful and energizing mask is made up of a blend of purifying clays, stimulating spices and soothing salts with the addition of Vitamin C to deeply purify the skin and stimulate its renewal. Perfects the skin leaving it velvety and deeply refreshed.
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An ideal duo for oily and combination skin. The mask based on Moroccan clays deeply purifies and balances the skin without drying it, also acting as an anti-inflammatory thanks to the presence of sunflower oil. Absorbs excess sebum and removes toxins leaving the skin matte and radiant. The serum fights redness and inflammation by restoring normal sebum production. Also to be used as a shock treatment in case of pimples or blackheads.
A specific cleansing liquid for oily and combination skin that cleanses deeply without affecting hydration. Contains purifying sage, dandelion and lemon balm as well as acids extracted from lemon and cherry to lighten the skin tone. Optimal hydration is guaranteed by algae and aloe vera. The light moisturizer enriched with antioxidant extracts of grape and pomegranate relaxes the skin and moisturizes it without weighing it down.
A delicate but extremely active exfoliant, based on Kukui and Jojoba, formulated with ultra-gentle micro spheres for a deep but gentle scrub. Deeply cleanses the pores and nourishes the skin thanks to its penetrating gel texture enriched with vegetable oils. It turns into milk in contact with water and leaves the face fresh and luminous. The balancing set, perfect for travel, contains 4 cleaning and hydration products that cleanse the epidermis, restoring its delicate hydrolipidic balance as well as promoting the alleviation of redness and inflammation.
This set of products contains everything you need for a specific beauty routine for oily or combination skin. From Clarimatte T-Zone Control Cleansing Gel to Clarimatte T-Zone Balancing Gel Cream to Clarimatte ™ Invisible Pores Detox Mask. For a detoxified, rebalanced and matte skin.
A 3-step product kit designed to support and solve the most difficult epidermal conditions, such as impure and inflamed skin. Step 1 is an exfoliating powder that reduces blemishes and pore size. Step 2 is a gentle and calming serum that deeply hydrates the skin while keeping shiny areas at bay. Step 3 is a rash control liquid that leaves the face radiant, purified and soft.
3 products for oily or combination skin in a single set: the Neutralise Cleanser is a non-foaming gel based on marine bioactives that removes make-up and cleanses the skin by calming irritations. The Purity Serum is a serum formulated for skin with a tendency to inflammatory states that balances and reduces redness. Finally, Balance Fluid is an anti-aging cream that reduces the appearance of small expression lines while mattifying the skin.
A trio of products based on precious botanical extracts. Elixir is a delicate, calming and protective tonic based on floral extracts of Artemisia and Buddleja. Deeply moisturizing, it effectively revitalizes the skin by reducing redness. Ideal Brightening Corrective Serum is a powerful cosmetic based on 12 plant extracts that reduces skin spots and imperfections, rediscovering the original skin radiance. The Ideal Rebalancing serum, with its ultra-light formula, regulates sebum production and reduces the appearance of pores, guaranteeing ideal levels of hydration.

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