Alessia Marcuzzi: I don't want to please everyone anymore
Alessia Marcuzzi: I don't want to please everyone anymore

She took a long break from TV, stayed with her family and had time to understand herself and her frailties. Alessia Marcuzzi, the most popular TV presenter, is now ready for the new season of the Island of the Famous. Where, he anticipates to Grazia, there will be two great surprises: more difficult trials and, above all, an unrestrained Alessia


I want to ask Alessia Marcuzzi this question: "Are you really not tired of conducting the Island of the Famous yet?" But I am held back by the knowledge that she might turn her back on me, asking me, "And you really haven't got tired of interviewing me yet?" Courses and recourses of life and work. Anyway, my answer would be: no. Because after, at least, five interviews, I'm sure that this time too something will emerge: a transformation, one more idea. We'll see. As we wanted to prove: the surprise was there. What I hadn't foreseen, however, is the change in tone. I called Alessia, 44, on the pretext of the departure of the new edition of the Island (from 30 January on Canale 5), which is the most pop, most discussed and questionable program on Italian television. I expected to surf on sight, talking about TV and fashion, since she has a very popular blog: La Pinella. I expected a fast-paced, fun and sunny pace, because this is Alessia. I expected to travel light. No matter how hard we tried to stay the course on soft topics, we often ended up - and I also say willingly - to bump into tough issues: raising children, violence against women, the cold of earthquake victims without home. And yes, even and above all, world hunger. Because, we will see later, Alessia is the ambassador of a very serious project of an organization linked to the United Nations. I start from the beginning. Because that's what, in my opinion, gave the tone and the verse to the whole chat. I left with the usual, very worldly: "How are you?" The typical question that is usually answered with a "good, thank you" for the sake of brevity. And instead the answer was: «How am I? And in short, I'm fine, but not so much. Last night I had a lot of discussions with my son Tommaso (almost 16 years old, ed). And when it happens to me to argue with him, I feel bad. His is a difficult age, I find it hard to understand how to take him. I wish he understood things that I cannot explain. I ask him things he can't tell me. Today's kids are complicated ».All the boys are, always. He does not believe?"Maybe yes. But of course today they are different from what I have been. They have practically no relationship with authority, which they do not recognize. They use the cell phone as a prosthesis. They surf online and who knows where they end up. At 16 they know and do things that we at their age didn't even know existed. On the other hand, I admit, they lead an armored life. If they don't go to school, an email arrives immediately to their parents. If they go out in the evening, thanks to an app you can check where they are. They are free with the leash ». A gps to monitor a child. Isn't it anxious?“I always need confirmation that he is telling me the truth. I'd like to know what's on his mind, what he likes, who he loves. Why is it so difficult to talk to children? 'Maybe they need a secret space."Don't tell me, I can never have it, I can't even dream about it."Now the Island of the Famous starts again. Do you still want it?“Come on, it's only my third time. I really want it and I have almost nothing left to fear. After the storms of the other two editions, what can happen? I'm happy, loaded. I have been away from TV for months, a long break that I had never given myself before ».What did he do to rest?“I took care of my family. I followed my blog. And I worked on a project for the World Food Program, which I just became an ambassador for. It is a United Nations organization that assists 100 million people in 78 countries, fighting hunger and malnutrition. And by providing tools and skills to allow entire populations to independently procure food without depending on food aid. It is a project that I have been following for some time, thanks to my cousin Francesca, who has been working on the Program for many years. Now I have decided to take care of it. I know what they will say about my contribution: “Too easy to be rich and talk about those who are hungry”. Or: “All advertising”. Etcetera, et cetera ».Is it comfortable, Alessia? Is it really all advertising?“It is something that, however, builds good. Those who help others always do it at least a little for themselves. To feel useful, perhaps even a little better. What's wrong with that? And above all: what is the result? I am happy to think that my contribution will help many children to go to school, to get out of ignorance, to grow by changing their destiny and, perhaps, that of their family ". What does it mean in concrete terms to be an ambassador for the World Food Program?“Using my popularity to make this project known, to make people want to support it. Although I am aware of the crazy difficulties that many also live here in Italy. I can't help but think of the people hit by the earthquake: the snow, the cold, the house that no longer exists ".Alessia, today we talk about damn serious things with her. He does it with his usual light tone, but the topics he touches are tough.“In this last year I have changed. I chose who to be. I stopped pretending to please everyone. And I decided not to ask myself to please everyone. I am much more selective. I say what I think, I am what I am. "Are you no longer afraid of hurting, or are you no longer afraid of loneliness?" I have never feared loneliness. On the contrary: I searched for it too much. The anxiety of doing harm has passed, that yes ".What else have you won, or lost, in the last year? "I'm always a little girl, a bit intoxicated, but I'm also something else. I have lost a lot of my impulsiveness. I stopped thinking that passion wins over everything and solves everything. I married the man I love (Paolo Calabresi Marconi, ed) and together with him I understood that marriage is also made up of compliance, reflection, time. I am less impetuous. And I am very grateful: there is so much for me and for my children (in addition to Tommaso there is Mia, 5 years old, ed), that I want to return him with all the tenderness I have ".I mean, she got married for real."Precisely. I'm always a little crazy, a little fluctuating. I still need my moments, to be alone. I know that those who stay with me are likely to miss me too, because some of them are there at most and some of them disappear. That's it. It's not good and I'm working on it. But we all have our frailties. And this is mine ».Different Marcuzzi, identical Island? Or will something change in the program this year?«The authors have studied a different approach, let's say more psychological. Competitors will be tested not only on hunger and difficulties, but also on their personal frailties ».A little sadistic, don't you think?"Partially yes. But sadism is the basis of the whole structure of the broadcast that works because the public likes to see people who have been successful and who are now ready to do anything to win them back ».A sincere admission, no beating around the bush.“I'm talking about a TV show, not real drama. Taking oneself too seriously would be ridiculous. 'He had told me about one of his wishes: a transmission between women, for women. Has it become a project?"No. It is still a dream. I would love to lead a talk show where we talk about us women for real and we do it among ourselves. The remote hope is that men will try to understand something about it. This is a serious question: do you see how many girls beaten, humiliated, hurt, killed? A fright. It would be nice to do something to give a word to the female world. And give males the opportunity to listen ".What does this desire have to do with the reality of a program like the Island, made up of excesses and provocations?«It's a reality show: the twists, the exaggerations, everything makes a show. The island is an adventure, it is not made for people to sleep on the sofa. I am the presenter, but also a bit of a spectator of everything that happens. I want to have fun, I want to surprise myself too. I bet it will happen ».

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