Paola Turci: we are more beautiful than our fears
Paola Turci: we are more beautiful than our fears

In Sanremo Paola Turci will present a song dedicated to women and their insecurities. And with Grazia, the singer decided to talk about hers: the wound she has been carrying for years, the shadows left by the disappearance of her father, the wrong loves and too many questions that, she understood, are only a burden.


While I was preparing the meeting with Paola Turci, I thought that no, I would not ask her about her scar. I would have talked about everything, except for the accident that, many years ago, left a deep wound on her face and which is at the center of practically all of her interviews (yes, I know: it is also in the attack of this one). In the end I made it, more or less. Because that mark on the face entered our speeches only as a metaphor: of the pains of all women. And above all of our insecurities. Paola Turci, 52, will bring her song to Sanremo: after 16 years of inaction from the Ariston theater, she really wanted to go back. And now he makes me read the text of the passage, as if it were a poem. And a little bit it is: a hymn to the freedom to be who you are. Make yourself beautiful for yourself, that's the title. Are you, Paola, capable of wanting to be beautiful only for herself?“Now yes, but it's a recent achievement, before I kept wondering how others saw me. I always felt exposed to judgment. As if everything revolved around the scar on my face. "I saw the video of when Carlo Conti announced that he had admitted her to the Festival. She jumps for joy like a little girl."It is true. I am living everything like a child: without expectations, but with absolute enthusiasm. I have always developed a great ability to defend myself a priori from disappointments: I prepare myself for the worst. But now there is something new: I also know how to deeply enjoy beautiful things ". What is the Festival seen from inside? Inside his emotions, I mean.“It's adrenaline. On the Ariston stage, there is always fear. It is a strong emotion, which makes you feel alive ".Is it "An emotion that changes your name" as his song says?«Yes, it changes your connotations: your heart beats fast, your breath becomes shorter. For me Sanremo is also a way of looking at myself from the outside. See where I am ». “Make yourself beautiful,” says her song. It is difficult, however."Yes, but since it's not impossible, you can do it." Tell me how.“This scar changed my face. I know that I see it more than others, but it is there. For me it is beautiful when I forget which side it is on: to the right or to the left? When it happens, I feel light, I think I'm done with being sick, I think I don't have to mention her anymore. "Let's not name it, then.“When I talk about beauty and I talk about myself, the story of my face comes out. But it's not just mine, it alludes to women's wounds, made of insecurities. Even my real scar is made of that and was already there before the accident: the fear of being ugly, or worse, of being anybody. Women's scars are also wrinkles: which we struggle to hide, erase ».What is the beauty of women? «Knowing how to hug, knowing how to be happy, knowing how to express yourself: with music or even just with a smile. I feel beautiful when I sing ». Don't you like it without music?"I also like when I take off my make-up in the evening." Why is she wearing makeup then?"Because the insecurities wake up together with me in the morning." She said that beauty is knowing how to be happy, are you capable of it?“I was not born happy. I am restless, full of shadows. But now I understand that I need joy. I know how important it is to have a laugh when you're sick. Two years ago I lost my father and I went through moments of great pain: I could no longer even breathe. I just had to talk about something else, joke. With him I laughed a lot and talked about politics. His last words were a smiling: “Tell me dear” ».What would you like to tell him now?«Excuse me, I can't answer. I just feel like crying. Although, since he left, only wonderful things have happened to me: I think he is the director of my present. I left again, the great pain of having lost him gave me back to the world. I have met people who have made me feel beautiful and capable. Writing a book with my story (I will love myself, Mondadori), from which I have drawn a theatrical show that I want to bring back this year, unlocked a lot for me. I think my father is just gone, and yet I believe he gave me all these gifts. The mystery exists. And I have changed ».The most important change?"I can get myself to say no without shattering."Her titles: I will love myself anyway, Make yourself beautiful for yourself, are phrases that we should all say to each other."All of them, yes. Life has left me a real wound, which however only exacerbated the insecurities that I already had. We just need time. It is he who makes you understand, who gives you answers ».Do you want to talk about love ?."Of course, not of men though."Enough men?“My latest stories are very short, I don't have much to tell. Closed chapter ».Never say never."Right. I have no certainties. Today I would like to meet someone who then stays with me for a long time. Now it seems to me that I want to be alone, but then maybe I fall in love, and suddenly I go back to wanting a house together. Maybe it will happen when I am busy doing something else ».Just like now."Yes, now I don't think about love. I have a full life of my own, which I am enjoying a lot. And I like myself too ».What would he want that he doesn't have?«I, I would like to have less. Less insecurity. I know, we all have it. We go on a date and think: Will I be okay? Will I be pretty-good-smart enough? Here I would like to shake off all these questions, believe more in me. We should all learn to believe in it more ».

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