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Low cost red lipsticks: the best, absolutely to try
Low cost red lipsticks: the best, absolutely to try

Minimum expense, maximum yield: discover the best cheap red lipsticks selected by

Red lipstick fan, it's your time! If you are a serial or very loyal and selective collector, you cannot miss the best low cost red lipsticks.

Assured of minimum expense and maximum yield, the best cheap red lipsticks include beloved brands such as Kiko, Maybelline, Nabla, L'Oréal Paris, Sephora And ColourPop, just to name a few.

Selected on the basis of the finish, the hold, the moisturizing power and why not, the packaging and the perfume! Discover them all by browsing the gallery.

The best low cost red lipsticks to try absolutely

migliori rossetti rossi low cost (9)
Kiko red lipstick has a velvety finish and easy application. The yield is glam, the optimal duration. Epic Win!
migliori rossetti rossi low cost (17)
Bright red with a strong cold undertone. The color is full and bright, the formulation suitable for vegans and vegetarians.
migliori rossetti rossi low cost (20)
Creamy, extra bright and moisturizing. The red lipstick of the Kate Moss line is a low cost jewel.
migliori rossetti rossi low cost (4)
If you love ruby ​​red this is the lipstick for you. Intense and delicately scented.
migliori rossetti rossi low cost (18)
Dedicated to those who love the extremely matte effect, this liquid lipstick has a record hold and a light texture.
migliori rossetti rossi low cost (19)
The name says it all: this super cheap lipstick has a velvety effect and an enviable hold. It will amaze you.
migliori rossetti rossi low cost (2)
Another liquid lipstick with a matte finish but soft on the lips, whose texture is reminiscent of a mousse. The color is warm and luminous, perfect on tanned or Mediterranean skin.
migliori rossetti rossi low cost (3)
The formula of the red lipstick of the French giant is enriched with botanical oils, ideal for making the product highly comfortable and moisturizing.
migliori rossetti rossi low cost (7)
It smells like pastry and has a cool undertone, ideal for making teeth optically whiter. Its texture is melting, because among the ingredients of this vegan formula we find shea butter.
migliori rossetti rossi low cost (10)
Do you love the gloss effect on the lips but are you afraid that the lipstick will smudge? Here is the right product. The colored part resists for a long time, the glossy top coat gives a glossy effect and fixes it at the same time.
migliori rossetti rossi low cost (8)
Another intense red, this time proposed by the American brand that drives the web crazy. The gold pack is a cult.
migliori rossetti rossi low cost (1)
Warm and vibrant ruby ​​red. This absolutely matte red lipstick has a neon tone that makes the face shine. We like it!
migliori rossetti rossi low cost (5)
Tempera effect on the lips for the low cost red lipstick of the American brand. Lucidisismo, it is easy to apply.
migliori rossetti rossi low cost (11)
Matte and vivid, in the practical stick format, this lipstick has a very low price and a very high yield. What more could you ask for?
migliori rossetti rossi low cost (6)
The German brand offers a line of matte but comfortable lipsticks in glam colors. The red that we recommend is delicious.
migliori rossetti rossi low cost (12)
Easy-to-apply liquid texture that dries into an ultra-opaque thin film. The hold is extreme, the color splendid.
migliori rossetti rossi low cost (14)
Soft texture and vibrant color, this lipstick is not only intense but also moisturizing.
migliori rossetti rossi low cost (15)
It has a 2 in 1 formula that also includes lip primer, for a smooth and vivid effect that lasts throughout the day.
migliori rossetti rossi low cost (16)
One of the historical shades of the American brand, which remains among the most beautiful ever. The formula with liquid silk and vitamins makes it moisturizing, the red color that turns to fuchsia is a charm.
migliori rossetti rossi low cost (13)
A comfortable mousse that dresses the lips in a distinctive red color, yet extremely wearable.

Best red lipstick

If you are a real lipstick addict, do not miss our selection of the best red lipsticks ever among the high-end and luxury proposals.

Best red lipstick: must haves

rossetto rosso migliore chanel
A brilliant and decisive universal nuance, whose melting texture with a second skin effect makes the smile shine. [texts by Serena D'angelo]
rossetto rosso migliore mac ruby woo
Cold undertone, matte finish and record hold. A must have absolutely.
rossetto rosso migliore estee lauder
Full color and hydration. The color is perfect for any complexion and occasion.
The two-in-one formula combines color and primer for a long-lasting soft effect. For a bold but comfortable effect.
rossetto rosso migliore dior
In the beginning it was called 9, then it became 99 and today it is 999, even if its unmistakable nuance remains unchanged. Here is the Dior red lipstick par excellence, with a light warm undertone, ideal for highlighting the Mediterranean complexions.
rossetto rosso migliore make up for ever
Intensely pigmented vermilion red instead for the red lipstick of the French professional brand.
rossetto rosso migliore ysl
Creamy and shiny, the most classic of YSL red lipsticks is an absolute must have.
rossetto rosso migliore nars rita
Creamy texture, satin finish and top hold. We like it!
rossetto rosso migliore armani maestro
A red carpet color for the proposal of the Italian brand. The effect on the lips? Lacquered and bright.
rossetto rosso migliore tom ford
Voluptuous and luxurious, this lipstick is perfect for those who love bold make-up.
rossetto rosso migliore urban decay
Red lipstick in a bold shade reminiscent of blood. The finish is matte but comfortable. To try.
rossetto rosso migliore burberry
The most famous shade of the beauty division of the British brand dresses the lips with an intense and brilliant color.
rossetto rosso migliore charlotte tilbury red carpet red
Pure matte red, easy application and jewel pack, what more could you ask for?
rossetto rosso migliore nars dragon girl
With a practical pencil format, this matte red lipstick with a distinctly cold undertone that turns to fuchsia is chic and lively at the same time.
rossetto rosso migliore gucci
With high moisturizing power and a luminous look, this product is extra chic.
rossetto rosso migliore guerlain
With design houses with integrated mirror, this lipstick is ideal for those who love exclusive products, to show off with pride and a hint of vanity.
rossetto rosso migliore illamasqua box
Scarlet red and matte finish for the iconic lipstick of the English brand, which takes its name from the founder of the brand, the make-up artist Alex Box.
rossetto rosso migliore lancome
As its name says, this shade is a "whim" for demanding lips.
rossetto rosso migliore loboutin
The original color of the red soles of the iconic shoes of the French brand on the lips, in a luxury matte finish.
rossetto rosso migliore mac lady danger
Fiery red lipstick, with an intense orange undertone. For calient souls.
rossetto rosso migliore nars
One of the most popular red lipsticks, with a semi-matte finish, it blends with the lips and has excellent durability.

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