Weekend Max Mara presents the B.LIVE Techno Chic
Weekend Max Mara presents the B.LIVE Techno Chic

A special parka with a "double soul" made by the Italian brand and the guys from the B.Live project


Is called B.LIVE Techno Chic Parka and it is a very special garment: it bears the "signature" of Max Mara weekend and of the children affected by serious chronic diseases of the project B.LIVE of the Near Onlus Foundation. Reversible and made with New Life yarn, a 100% eco-friendly fiber, during the day it is a practical one waterproof, just turn it and the B.LIVE Techno Chic Parka reveals its "evening" soul: a beautiful one jacquard with a precious and precious floral motif!


Other "particular signs"? The bolt, a sign of strength and cohesion and symbol of B.Live, it features zips, buttons, drawstring stoppers and the special charm matched to the garment. A special parka designed for special women: dynamic and modern, who live under the banner of important principles such as Responsibility, Strength, Transformation and Lightness, all values ‚Äč‚Äčthat have guided Weekend Max Mara and the B.Live guys.

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