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Valentine's Day: the advice of the Creative Director of Agent Provocateur
Valentine's Day: the advice of the Creative Director of Agent Provocateur

At the creative direction of one of the strongest brands in the lingerie field, Sarah Shotton reveals the secrets to being flawless. Even under the dress

It is an established fact that underwear plays a fundamental role in the choice of look. On the occasion of Valentine's day we have collected the advice of those who know about intimate outfits, Sarah Shotton, Creative Director for Agent Provocateur.

Sarah Shotton, Creative Director of Agent Provocateur (Courtesy Press Office)

From the choice of shades to the creative details, here are the advice from Sarah on how to choose the lingerie perfect for Valentine's day (or for an important appointment).

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What better time than Valentine's day to wear unique and sensual details? It doesn't matter if you are single or in a couple, you just need to choose a piece of lingerie such as suspenders, among the key accessories to combine with almost any type of underwear.

Don't take yourself too seriously

san valentino cuori intimo

Prints, decorations and embroideries: the more you have, the more you put. Let yourself go and abound, at least for one evening, the classic total black. A breath of color (and fantasy) is also needed in the wardrobe department dedicated to lingerie.

Small accessories that make the difference


From nipple covers in the most original shapes, to the garter: the details make the difference, so don't be shy.

And don't forget the morning after

audrey mascherina

There are complementary pieces to underwear that should never be forgotten. The eye mask, for example, facilitates rest and will make your eyes less tired when you wake up; light gloves created specifically for putting on and taking off tights and, finally, the fabric bag where you can store the most precious lingerie.

Last but not least: the size

mutande taglia

It may seem superfluous to you, yet there is nothing worse than getting the wrong size when it comes to intimate outfits. Listening partner: pay attention and peek into the drawers of your sweetheart to avoid fool!

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