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The ten best street food in Milan
The ten best street food in Milan

Walking food is no longer just a necessity: it has become delicious - we give you our favorite street food addresses in Milan

The phenomenon of street food has infected all of Italy and Milan, which was among the first cities to suffer its newfound charm, has made walking food its new vocation, offering it in always different ways and (literally) in all sauces.

They range from traditional Italian dishes, including panzerotti and fried, to Asian and American snacks, such as Kimbab and Kentucky fried chicken. Without forgetting, of course, the veg offer.

Historic rotisseries, gourmet takeaways and avant-garde kiosks: here is our top ten of best street food in Milan.

The best ten street food addresses in Milan

If you are short on time and want to try something different, this Korean restaurant in the Moscow area is for you. The menu is dominated by kimbabs, rice and seaweed rolls with vegetables, meat and fish (similar to temaki), which in Korea are eaten by children as a snack. You can try them sitting on high stools between jazz music and minimal bread-colored furnishings, or take them home. Ramion (tagliatelle with different ingredients) and sesame ice cream are also highly recommended.
giannasi 2
If this large kiosk opened by Dorando Giannasi in the Porta Romana area has become a real institution, it is thanks to the spit-roasted chicken, a real specialty of the house. You can also spoil yourself by ordering potato croquettes, Ascoli olives, fried fish and accompany everything with basmati rice, which here is cooked naturally and seasoned with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. Giannasi is only to take away: you will have to wait to be home to test the taste of the famous chicken, so during the trip the frittini will be your best friends.
flower burger ok
This veganburgheria near Porta Venezia serves gourmet sandwiches focusing on quality and flavor. The ingredients used are homemade and their polychromatic combination also guarantees aesthetic satisfaction. The proposed combinations of vegan and vegetarian burgers are different: they range from the spicy chickpea-based one to the iconic Flower, with charcoal black bun, seitan, vegetables and sauce. You can order with a take away formula or decide to stop in this intimate hippie-inspired environment, among psychedelic designs from the 70s. In any case, don't miss the side dish of baked potatoes with paprika.
Not far from Bocconi, this small Apulian kitchen offers fried or baked panzerotti and pucce with various fillings and artisanal sauces. If the flavors are mainly inspired by the cuisine of Southern Italy, the beers with which you can accompany them come from a hundred different countries. Highly recommended as a take away or for a meal on the go (there are no seats). The basic version of the panzerotto is the traditional tomato and mozzarella, but if you are looking for something really tasty try the one with broccoli (turnip tops), anchovies and buffalo mozzarella.
burgez 1
For some years now in Milan the gourmet wave has continued unstoppable, but this small place in Tortona is definitely going against the tide. Defining itself as a "high-end fast food" in fact, Burgez offers a traditional menu paying particular attention to the raw materials used: from Bavarian meat to bread with potato flour, passing through handcrafted sauces. The fries in zig zag then, are really tasty. The only overt problem is the addiction created in customers. That's why the founders' motto is "try not to come back if you can". Suitable for a quick lunch.
rosticceria 35 2
This Porta Venezia deli serves traditional Italian dishes such as eggplant parmigiana and lasagna, as well as meat, fish, fried and even remarkable desserts. The sandwiches are also excellent, freshly prepared with selected ingredients. The wide variety of proposals together with dishes designed specifically for celiacs, vegetarians and vegans make Rosticceria a place suitable for (really) everyone. Recommended for take-away, a quick lunch break or an aperitif with wines and sparkling wines. The courtesy and friendliness of the staff is a further (and crucial) positive note.
sushi kiosco
If you are in the De Angeli area and you are very hungry, this banquet inside the Covered Municipal Market in Piazza Wagner will seem like a heavenly oasis. Get ready for a menu of Japanese and Brazilian Japanese dishes made with very fresh and quality fish (the supplier is the opposite Pescheria F.lli Pedol). Sushi, nighiri and maki will satisfy raw food addicts, while fried fish and seared fish will suit those who prefer more traditional dishes. Excellent as a take away, Kiosco also makes (punctual) home deliveries. Don't miss the Foturoby light green seaweed (salmon, tartare and avocado).
Nostalgic for Greece, get ready to relive its flavors in this kitchen just a few steps from the Monumental Cemetery. The house specialty is Gyros, marinated pork cooked on a spit, served both on a plate and inside the Pita, leavened flat bread prepared with wheat flour. There is also a veg version based on feta. Don't forget to order potatoes, tzatziki and, finally, yogurt with honey and chopped nuts. Mythos is ideal for a quick snack or take away.
The undisputed star of this place in the heart of China Town is the fried chicken. Wings and breasts are cooked with a fragrant and light breading, as required by the recipe from Kentucky, the state from which the owner Corey McCarthen comes. Vegetable side dishes such as potato salad and spicy beans are also very delicious. You can decide to consume surrounded by brightly colored paintings or take everything home. In any case, to close, we recommend the pumpkin pie.
sciatt a porter
The original proposal of this restaurant near Garibaldi consists of a decidedly mountainous street food. In fact, the Sciatt are the walking cones of Valtellina cuisine, with buckwheat pancakes stuffed with melted cheese. You will also find other Nordic dishes such as pizzoccheri, bresaole and Tzigoiner (grilled meat skewers). If you choose to stay you will be greeted with cordiality in a warm and well-kept environment. Also treat yourself to a homemade dessert such as bisciola. And obviously accompany it all with the excellent wines of Valtellina, Inferno, Sassella and many others.

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