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IKEA PS 2017: the first preview images
IKEA PS 2017: the first preview images

After a wait of three years, perhaps IKEA's most loved collection is back: the PS 2017. Discover it with us in preview

There is no peace since IKEA. We have just presented the spring lines SPRIDD And JASSA and here comes the most awaited - and perhaps most loved - collection of the Swedish furniture giant: the PS 2017.

The last time of a PS was the now distant 2014, and for this reason the expectations are high. Discover the collection with us by browsing the first images available in the gallery.

IKEA PS 2017: the first preview images

is a collection designed for those who choose independence as their lifestyle. For those who think freely, hate the home-work routine and make fun of conventions. These are the very people for whom the IKEA PS collection was designed. Who better than them would appreciate a folding sofa that can be hung on the wall, a cushion that turns into a plaid and a water reserve vase that takes care of the plants independently for two weeks?

The collection will be available from February 2017.

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