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What Models Eat: Victoria’ s Secret Angels Diet
What Models Eat: Victoria’ s Secret Angels Diet

From Kendall Jenner's diet to Adriana Lima's: this is what Victoria's Secret models eat

Eating well has better results than eating little - this is demonstrated by the most beautiful women on the planet who, surprisingly, are not always on a diet, on the contrary: they all prefer a healthy diet to a limited one, except for when they are under date at some important event.

Victoria's Secret Angels Diets in fact they have a single common denominator: they are extremely healthy and foresee regular deviations from the rule.

The only time they really get stiff is when they are about to take the catwalk, because inevitably they have to be drier than usual.

We tell you what the most famous models in the world put on the table and on the plate.

Kendall Jenner's diet


«Eating healthily is the most important thing. I can't train well if I don't eat enough and right. I love pasta, but it makes me feel more tired and I don't like it. My day usually starts with eggs, avocado, and oatmeal. I feel better if I eat better », wrote the model on her website, recalling how a good diet combines a lot of sport, especially running and boxing.

Martha Hunt's diet


In the days leading up to the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, Martha Hunt claimed to eat more than usual, which sparked a lot of skepticism given the controversy over fasting models are said to be subjected to before the show.

“I try to make sure they are there protein in every meal - he declared - I eat Greek yogurt or eggs for breakfast, sushi for lunch and salmon or chicken or meat in the evening accompanied by healthy vegetables and carbohydrates ».

Adriana Lima's diet

gigi hadid capelli

A few years ago the model revealed how she prepares for an important fashion show like that of Victoria's Secret, specifying however that it is an exceptional event and that it is not advisable to follow her example if you are not monitored by a doctor.

Lima confessed to the Daily Telegraph that it only feeds on protein shakes for at least nine days, without adding anything solid - and, in the twelve hours leading up to the show, it also eliminates all liquids. Definitely not recommended.

Bella Hadid's diet

Gigi's younger sister confessed to don't give up on anything and eat cheese sandwiches and fries most days.

Thanks to mother nature, but also a lot - a lot! - physical activity.

Kate Upton's diet

It was personal trainer Ben Bruno who revealed the model's diet during an interview: "Eat lean proteins with every meal, limiting sugars and processed foods to a minimum ".

“Every now and then he indulges himself with a few whims and does very well. There is a need to let go sometimes to be able to eat healthy the rest of the time. His favorite sneaky are donuts. Life is too short not to indulge in a little fun once in a while."

Karlie Kloss's diet

The model revealed that she completely changed her eating habits towards the end of adolescence, preferring a healthier diet based on lots of vegetables and few sugars.

“I got rid of fatty snacks like Oreos, which I loved, and started eating avocado-based salads and toast. I realized that what I ate affected how I felt. Eating well gave me more energy ».

Gigi Hadid's diet

To keep the body in tip top shape, Gigi has a regular lifestyle, made of a balanced diet and lots of physical activity. She generally prefers to prepare her own food, including salads and centrifuged.

She often relies on Juice Press juices and smoothies and never gives up on what she calls the day of the cheat, where he indulges in everything, including cheeseburgers and ice cream.

Her mantra is: «Eat healthy to stay fit. Eat a hamburger to stay sane. '

Behati Prinsloo's diet

Adam Levine's wife is a champion of simplicity, as she has repeatedly stated: «I am into quick and simple meals, but this does not mean that I throw myself into fast food, quite the contrary. I live in New York, a city that offers many quick and healthy options ».

They are never lacking in its diet centrifuged fruit and vegetables, salads and chicken.

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