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Vitamins for hair: supplements that are good for you
Vitamins for hair: supplements that are good for you

Vitamins are essential for the beauty and health of the hair, here are the best supplements based on vitamins that are good, indeed very good, for the hair

Hair supplements and vitamins: when they are needed

Stress, changes of season and periods of fatigue they affect the health of our hair which appears less shiny, finer and tends to fall out in greater quantities than usual.

In these situations, the best advice is to fill up with those elements that are useful for strengthening our hair through thePower supply (fruit and vegetables), but often a great help comes from supplements for hair based on vitamins.

Vitamins useful for strengthening hair and making it shinier and healthier are there C vitamin and B vitamins, in particular the vitamin B6 and the vitamin B8. They reduce oxidative stress and strengthen cells, helping the synthesis of proteins, in this case the keratin. To be combined with zinc, selenium, copper and omega 3.

When to start taking hair vitamins and for how long

THE season changes they are especially critical for hair. In these periods of adaptation, the hair falls out more frequently and is often dull and brittle. It is the best time to hire a vitamin supplement that reinforces them.

Supplements work and are effective if they are taken consistently over a period of approximately 3 months. The treatment can be repeated at the next change of season.

The best hair supplements

fountain integratori vitamine capelli
Vitamins for hair to drink, with a concentrated complex of hyaluronic acid and biotin. Guarantees strength and shine to the hair.
phyto integratori vitamine capelli
Supplement in capsules with strengthening action for hair and nails. Contains B vitamins and zinc.
sugarbearhair vitamins integratori vitamine capelli
Supplement for super hair in the shape of blue bears, suitable for vegetarians and gluten free. Overseas they love it, Kylie Jenner too.
integratori vitamine capelli bionike
Food supplement for hair based on biotin, zinc, copper and selenium. Strengthens hair cells and prevents hair loss.
Erbamea integratori vitamine capelli
A strengthening complex for hair and nails, with vitamins C and B6, millet, zinc, l-cysteine ​​and grape seed extract.
inneov integratori vitamine capelli
Food supplement that promotes hair growth based on vitamin D3, zinc and an omega 3 complex.
Nourage integratori vitamine capelli
Supplement based on keratin, vitamins, zinc, biotin and other natural extracts. It stimulates hair growth, strengthens its structure and elasticity.
OENOBIOL integratori vitamine capelli
B vitamins to help hair grow faster making it healthier and stronger.
pk4 integratori vitamine capelli
The treatment follows the natural cycle of the hair, providing the necessary nutrients that are absorbed during the anagen phase - the moment of hair growth.
solgar integratori vitamine capelli
Supplement suitable for both women and men with MSM, zinc, vitamin C and copper. Also suitable for vegans.

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