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The most romantic restaurants in Rome
The most romantic restaurants in Rome

Not only panoramic and three-starred, here are the most romantic restaurants in Rome for a couple's dinner that will make you fall in love even more

If you ask the web what the most romantic restaurants in Rome, Google will respond by placing in a ranking the panoramic Aroma, the three-star La Pergola, the elegant Imàgo, Vivavoce, Casina Valadier, Mirabelle and the small oasis of Le Jardin De Russie.

And there is also the La Torre Enoteca in Villa Laetitia, owned by the Fendi family.

But net of the big names and historical addresses, which are the most beautiful places to bring your partner for an evening with a high rate of romance and good taste?

Here is a guide that takes into account the view, flavor and originality, as well as the wallet.

Perfect to follow for a tête-à-tête dinner with your other half.

The 20 most romantic restaurants in Rome

Al Ceppo ristorante Roma
Elegance, that classic touch that always pleases. Here is the Al Ceppo restaurant, which opened its doors in 1964. Curious different courses, including the Polp-Corn, that is gianturco, crispy octopus and porcini, while the choice is vast and includes both meat and fish dishes. The customary photo of the couple is on the red armchairs. Maybe with a good glass of wine in hand.
Lanificio Cucina ristorante Roma
An environment halfway between industrial style and rustic chic, where very romantic lights, light colors and expertly recovered objects dominate. On the outskirts of Rome, this restaurant offers dishes with traditional and fresh flavors, with some unexpected combinations. So the razor clam soup with coconut milk and bacon precedes the flagpoles with monkfish, egg and pecorino.
chinappi ristorante roma
Whether it's for Valentine's Day or a romantic evening, this restaurant has been open since 1956, and the fish dishes of chef Federico Delmonte will not disappoint you. All in an environment in light shades of white and beige, interspersed with the riot of ceiling or wall chandeliers, glasses, porcelain and some furnishing accessories. Elegant and lively, for couples of all ages.
The Corner ristorante Roma
Marco Martini's restaurant, starred and very young chef, looks like a small oasis in the heart of the city. The tables are well spaced and the large windows, as well as the plants, make the environment informal but graceful. A five-course tasting itinerary is around 65 euros. But there is also a vegetarian menu: to amaze your veg-lover partner.
Guida Ballerino hotel Bernini Bristol ristorante Roma
It is worth arriving at sunset to enjoy the splendid view of the Bernini Bristol hotel. The cuisine is that of Andrea Fusco, a well-known name in the panorama of Roman restaurants. Tip: when booking, ask for a table close to the windows, for an even more suggestive atmosphere.
Bistrot bio ristorante Roma
A gem that offers dishes made with (organic) products from the garden adjacent to the restaurant. The furniture is minimalist, the tables are made of raw wood and in the evening you can dine strictly by candlelight: more romantic than that? The courses are traditional but with a touch of reinterpretation that is so popular. An example: Roman-style boiled meatballs with light mayonnaise with white truffle, reduced with tomato and lemon air.
casa coppelle ristorante roma
A sui generis place, a living room of other times in the heart of the Eternal City that offers a menu designed with the collaboration of Emiliano Pascucci, sous chef of the three-star restaurant La Pergola. Fruit and vegetable products, for one thing, are all organic and have a short supply chain. Not to be missed, they say, are the fresh paccheri with decomposed amatriciana and the Bordeaux mullet 2.0.
Qc termeroma ristorante
Few tables, a fireplace, the elegance of a room that smells of the glorious past of the ancient Oasis of Porto. Located in Fiumicino, a stone's throw from the capital, this restaurant is located in the same building as Qc Termeroma. Among the dishes that are close to tradition there is the shakerata carbonara, but the menu is all to be tried including gourmet proposals and good labels. For an even more romantic touch, you can choose to stay overnight in the structure, abandoning yourself, the next day, to the pleasures of the spa.
per me giulio terrinoni ristorante roma
Giulio Terrinoni's restaurant, one Michelin star, is located in the heart of Rome, between via Giulia and via dei Banchi Vecchi. The search for the raw material is painstaking and the environment is intimate and elegant. Any dish with aphrodisiac flavors and designed specifically for lovers? Red shrimp tartare with passion fruit and caviar, bundles stuffed with grouper, fish soup and tarragon extract and grilled turbot with mullet bottarga, oyster sauce and creamed cauliflower. But the list is long.
Colbert ristorante Roma
Perfect for the couple who can only see each other for lunch, as this restaurant is open until 7pm (except Thursday evenings). The menu is curated by Arcangelo Dandini, a chef well known to Roman gourmands and beyond. Recently opened, it is one of the ideal addresses also thanks to the location: the restaurant, in fact, is housed in some spaces of Villa Medici, which since 1803 has been the seat of the French Academy in Rome. The interiors are princely and bistro dishes come out of the kitchen.
Mavi osteria ristorante Roma
Perfect for young couples who, after enjoying a good dish between Roman tradition and experimentation, want to spend after dinner with a cocktail at the counter, Mavi is located at the entrance to the Ostiense district, probably the most underground in the city. In the evening, the atmosphere is relaxed but lively at the same time.
convivio troiani ristorante Roma
Three elegant rooms in a historic building surmounted by an ancient tower. Here the chef Angelo Troiani offers tasting and special menus. A gem? Spaghettoni Felicetti “ajo e ojo”, pecorino cheese, lemon, mint, prawns and almonds, while secondly choose the pigeon of the Crete Senesi with mandarinetti and Jerusalem artichokes. You will not regret it.
cucina Eliseo teatro ristorante Roma
Who said that in the theater there are only bar corners with no identity? The Eliseo theater, one of the most important in Rome, has recently refurbished its food corner with a restaurant that offers traditional dishes but with a pleasant touch of reinterpretation. All with a lighted candle on the table. The post-show served.
Nojo ristorante roma
For those who love oriental flavors but want to amaze. Here is Nojo, a fusion restaurant opened in the Ponte Milvio area only a few months ago. The sushi also ends up with truffles, while tartare, raw dishes and appetizers are not to be missed. As well as tiramisushi, a fun dessert on the menu, and the tasty cocktails prepared by the very young barmen in the open kitchen-laboratory.
Gli ulivi ristorante Roma
Simplicity and attention to detail make this restaurant the perfect place to bring your partner. The warmth of the property can already be felt in the sober and elegant furnishings, while each table is different from the other thanks to the grain and natural imperfections of the wood. Authenticity also in the dishes, which end in candles and soft lighting. Not to be missed, they say, is the gold-drawn spaghetti on beaten red prawns from Mazara del Vallo.
la maisonnette ristrot
The interior is simple, it smells like home. The outside, between tables and chairs in white wrought iron, has a not just urban setting, since it is close to the Bridge of Music, always illuminated. The cellar is really vast, while the dishes prepared by the young chef Susanna Sipione come out of the kitchen. Seasonal and fresh the menu, from venison tartare with pecorino di Filiano and porcini mushrooms to roasted octopus.
Livello 1 ristorante Roma
This restaurant at Eur has only been open a few months ago. On romantically laid tables end up oysters, codfish tortelli "in love" with turnip greens with swordfish sausage, for example. But also a heart of chocolate to be savored by two. All with some background music or even live performances.
An environment out of all time, where guests are accompanied by miniatures of women from other eras, as well as ceramics: all unique pieces. In the Prati district, in a quiet street, this restaurant boasts a young and close-knit team. Try the raw shrimp on panzanella, but also the wild herb risotto with truffles. The desserts, as the name suggests, are another strong point of the place: almost 10 on the menu every evening.
MADRE ristorante Roma
Eat in the center but in a colorful garden. Happens at Mother, where chef Riccardo Di Giacinto offers various dishes, including gourmet pizzas. But for a romantic dinner we start with ceviches and continue with parrilla, that is, succulent meat served on hot mini-barbecues. All accompanied by gourmand sauces.
Marzapane ristorante Roma
Some say that that of the young Alba Esteve Ruiz, the chef of this restaurant, is the best in town. Creamy and tasty, it is certainly one to try when visiting Rome. But there is no shortage of tasting menus with five / six courses perfect to amaze your partner, among a not indifferent selection of wines.

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