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Chocolate perfumes: the best fragrances for the sweet tooth
Chocolate perfumes: the best fragrances for the sweet tooth

Sweet and gourmand chocolate or oriental and sophisticated cocoa fragrances. There is a chocolate perfume for everyone, find out which ones are the best

THE chocolate perfumes they are a favorite of all those who appreciate fragrances sweets And gourmand, inspired by pastry delights.

However, there are chocolate scents, or rather al cocoa, also perfect for those who do not like sweet scents, but prefers drier fragrances, woody or spicy, in any case not cloying.

Did you know that the patchouli does it have a note reminiscent of chocolate? The other olfactory notes that go best with chocolate are theOrange and the vanilla.

Chocolate scents: sweet and gourmand

In the beginning there was Angel from Thierry Mugler, the first gourmand perfume in history that influenced the entire subsequent market. Today, among the commercial brands we find the excellent ones Black Orchid from Tom Ford and, for the male audience, Valentino Man.

As for the niche brands, you have to try the sweet and greedy chocolate perfumes Chocolat from The Profvmo, Chocolate Greedy from Montale And Amour de Cacao from Comptoir Sud Pacifique.

Fun, then, the eau de cologne dedicated to dark chocolate from The Library of Fragrance.

Cocoa fragrances: for those who don't like too sweet chocolate

We bet these chocolate scents will also appeal to those who don't like too sweet scents and would like a more sophisticated chocolate scent. Bornéo 1834 And Santal Majuscule from Serge Lutens are oriental perfumes where the note of cocoa is dry, mixed with spices And woods.

Also interesting is the creation of Bertrand Duchaufour, Piment Brûlant for The Artisan Parfumeur, the blend of spices that wants to recreate the drink loved by the Aztecs, in which the chili pepper it's a cocoa not too sweet.

Chocolate perfumes: the fragrances to try

MUGLER Angel profumi al cioccolato
The first gourmand perfume in history that revolutionized the market with the most delicious notes, chocolate, caramel and vanilla, on a base of patchouli.
amour de cacao comptoir sud pacifique profumi al cioccolato
The aroma of the cocoa beans is made greedy by a vanilla base and a touch of orange at the opening.
borneo 1834 serge lutens profumi al cioccolato
A milestone of oriental perfumes, where the cocoa note is enhanced by patchouli, cardamom and labdanum, without becoming gourmand.
profumi al cioccolato Tom_Ford-Black_Orchid
The unmistakable disturbing, sweet, floral and spicy accord of chocolate, orchid and vanilla.
Piment Brulant l’artisan parfumeur profumi al cioccolato
The chilli and chocolate accord is dedicated to noses and palates of true connoisseurs. A tribute to the Aztec civilization.
il-profvmo-chocolat profumi al cioccolato
Sweet, flowery and gourmand interpretation of chocolate by the brand, but in the range you will also find the Amère, Bàmbola, Frais versions.
profumi al cioccolato montale chocolate greedy
Delicious gourmand that will transport you to the atmosphere of a patisserie. The chocolate note goes well with coffee, orange and vanilla.
Santal majuscule serge lutens profumi al cioccolato
Elegant and refined oriental scent that combines a discreet note of cocoa to round and give a powdery touch to sandalwood.
profumi al cioccolato valentino uomo
An aromatic and gourmand delight declined for men, with notes of myrtle, coffee and gianduia chocolate.
Dark-Chocolate the library of fragrance profumi al cioccolato
A fun cologne dedicated to all lovers of dark chocolate, to be used alone or in layering.
Alambar Laboratorio Olfattivo
The cocoa note combines with the most delicious spices, cinnamon and vanilla, to create an irresistible amber scent.
zeromolecole-nerocacao profumi al cioccolato
Who better than a Turin brand can pay homage to chocolate? Here combined in the most classic and delicious way with orange, vanilla and a hint of coconut.

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