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Sanremo 2017: all the looks on the Ariston stage
Sanremo 2017: all the looks on the Ariston stage

Spotlight on the 2017 edition of the Sanremo Festival: evening after evening, we give the votes to the looks of the singers, the guests and the presenter Maria De Filippi (who for us is already the real winner!)

We have come to the end of this Sanremo Festival 2017 and therefore the time has come to take stock, obviously in terms of look.

Before leaving you to the definitive gallery of the pass and fail during the four days of music at the Ariston, let's do a couple of stylistic considerations. Maria De Filippi wins more than Occidentale's Karma (the song of the triumphant Francesco Gabbani): evening after evening, except for some small imperfections, he found in Riccardo Tisci and in his creations Givenchy the formula for the perfect look. And in the long run we really loved it!

Our winners are also Paola Turci, in her trusty minimal looks by Stella McCartney and Bianca Atzei, which brought flowers and patchwork by master Antonio Marras to the Ariston. Beautiful revelation Elodie, who did not miss an exit by relying on different designers: simply perfect colors, shapes and posture.

We have revealed our favorites but now it's time to find out who hasn't made good choices. Take a look at the report cards …

All the dresses of Sanremo 2017

Simply perfect: after having amazed us for a long time in the last few evenings, Elodie decided to face the final with the determination of a total white suit by Emporio Armani (and Bernard Delettrez jewels).
Long finish for Maria, in total black with off-shoulder neckline and mirror applications. As for the other evenings, Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci.
Team that wins does not change: another look by Antonio Marras, a riot of flowers brought with skill by the Sardinian singer.
A revelation in terms of looks: beautiful, self-confident and always impeccable in her very minimal looks. Signed by Stella McCartney.
Evening after evening we greatly appreciated (but not always promoted!) The elegance of Fiorella Mannoia, who faced the final in long, bordeaux. Perfect, in Antonio Grimaldi.
Her host and her bearing on stage are definitely to be forgotten, but here we are talking about clothes. And the photo doesn't lie: it's beautiful!
Final not with a bang but with a rejection for Chiara, in Melampo: black, lace… haven't we already seen it in the last few evenings? Uff, how boring …
The perfect choice is that of Alessandra Mastronardi, with an ankle-length midi dress in shades of bright gray. Wow!
Mermaid silhouette, light tones and precious details. This dress is 100% Festival!
Full, full marks for this silver Atelier Versace. The jewels, by Pasquale Bruni, masterfully complete the look.
Maria in her best shoes: sheer blouse, trousers and standard heel. Obviously, Givenchy.
We promote it with flying colors and what we like best about this Melampo dress is the color. An impeccable choice!
The dress is from Wunderkind and is perfect for her! After the long dresses of the first evenings, the more gritty soul of the pink-haired singer comes out.
In Antonio Grimaldi, he does not convince us for the jewel detail of the jacket.
Total white with slit, signed Genny, for the star of the penultimate evening of the Festival. Talented, even in terms of style.
The silhouette of the dress is fine, it enhances it. But the fantasy… let's not add anything else!
Another evening, another look by Vivetta. We really like!
Change of dress with another Versace Atelier. Enchanting!
Long suits her: this Givenchy dress is perfect for her!
It does a little All together passionately but, in our opinion, this dress by Vivetta has brought a touch of lightness to a stage that is hard to see.
A comment? Wow! For her second evening at the Festival, Paola Turci again chooses a suit but with wide and soft trousers. Stella McCartney signed.
A Givenchy floral sheath dress strikes (and wins) once again. To enrich it, a yellow gold and citrine necklace from the Pennisi Jewelery.
This creation by Antonio Marras looks like a work of art to wear. Once again Bianca deserves full marks.
Total black that wins you don't change: even tonight a black dress, by Melampo, with ruffles and transparent details.
In a word: old. The granddaughter of the legendary Jean Paul made a choice that did not convince us.
Simple, with a soft and classic but at the same time young dress. It doesn't make us excited but it deserves promotion.
Not a mistake: the perfect choice is this Emporio Armani dress with exotic applications and embroidery.
He remembers the huge slip of the first evening. This time, in total black, it went much better.
This time Fiorella, again in Antonio Grimaldi, does not pass: a too "dated" choice.
We begin the report cards of the second evening with a bad mark for the "hostess": in Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci, but with a maxi cardigan that does not convince us …
In Melampo, total black with lace sleeves and decolleté. Perfect!
His song is at risk of elimination but his dress, by Antonio Marras, deserves more! Very beautiful, she has character and personality not only in her voice but also in her style.
Ouch ouch, bad choice dear Giorgia. The dress, by Francesco Scognamiglio, created some problems on stage, forcing her several times to pull it up by force to avoid a topless in prime time.
Change of dress and promotion with full marks for this creation, also signed by Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci, veiled and shiny.
Algid and statuesque: a strapless Armani dress with mermaid lines is enough to go down the steps of the Ariston in a winning way. Cartier jewelry and Roger Vivier sandals complete the look.
Simple, elegant and straight to the point: this choice is flawless and deserves full marks.
How not to promote a De Filippi in long Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci? Total black, embroidered, shimmering and transparent enough.
Elegant in the ways as in the choice of look. With this suit jacket and trousers by Antonio Grimaldi, Fiorella was impeccable!
The romantic dress of Philosophy by Lorenzo Serafini was certainly an excellent choice but it does not give the physicality of the "Cantantessa". The "Heidi effect" blush doesn't help …
Change of dress for the hostess who again chooses a Givenchy creation by Riccardo Tisci. We like it, the length is "hers", the jeweled fringes are a special detail but not exaggerated.
Being beautiful indeed, beautiful, is not enough. You also need the right dress, which in this case is not the creation of Francesco Scognamiglio chosen to debut at the Ariston alongside his partner Raoul Bova.
Let's postpone it to the next evening: the dress, signed by Vivetta, did not convince us enough to promote it with flying colors.
Nice, funny, good. And he also dresses well (in a flawless Giorgio Armani). What else?
An ethnic touch with a beautiful neckline that highlights the shoulders. A good debut, signed by Etro, for the former friend of Maria.
The flared trousers and gilet with lapels are immediately 90s. And if we add the print with red lips and lipsticks …
An exaggerated look for the good (and beautiful) sports presenter who arrives at Ariston in the role of Barbie. With a skirt a little tight at the waist …

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