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How to match flared pants
How to match flared pants

From the right shoes to tips on how to wear them in the best way

True cult of the years between 60 and 70, i flared pants have returned several times to the top of the ranking of the trending pieces to have - absolutely - in the wardrobe.

After all, how can we forget the 90s and early 2000s when the silhouette, especially jeans, had to be strictly low, tight and with a noticeably flared lower part?Shakira, Britney Spears, Christina Aguileira: stylistic inspiration for the teenagers of the period who took pains to copy their looks, often over the top.

The trend returns on tiptoe around 2009, just after the exploit of the equally beloved skinny. And after several seasons on and off the catwalks, flared trousers are officially among the strong and complementary pieces of women's clothing.

The main difficulty remains the same: how to combine them? From the right shoes to some smart tips, here's a quick guide.

Who are flared pants good for?


Like any item of clothing, flared trousers also have "preferences" in terms of physicality. However, there are various models from which to choose the one that best suits your build as well as your personal style.

Generally speaking, the so-called “traditional” models, with medium-low waist, narrow leg and wide end part, fit in physical minutes, as in the case of Olivia Palermo, big fan of the trend. The low waist tends to shorten the lower part of the body, which is why this type of trousers are particularly suitable for slender bodies.

The advice is to focus on models with higher waistline. In this way you will visually lengthen the lower part of the body and, with the help of a few centimeters in height, you can wear your favorite trousers without being out of place.

The flared jeans


A true cult for entire generations, they are among the most complex models when it comes to matching. The reason? Denim is identified as casual garment and the wide leg can accentuate this look if not perfectly ironed and with a meticulously finished hem.

That's why, if you were thinking about flared jeans for a date, the solution is the combination with a soft sweater and a pair of original sandals, to show or hide depending on the length of the hem.

If, on the other hand, the heel is not for you, there are two solutions: focus on a pair of well-finished jeans and combine them with a chic blazer, the classic sneakers in white leather will complete the outfit giving it an extra twist. Or get rid of preconceptions and play with creativity: oversized striped shirt, fringed jeans - among the seasonal trends - and colored ankle boots.

3 looks for flared jeans

metal effect to be seen.

There is also one colored variant, suitable for the bravest, usable in multiple combinations. We suggest two: light blue shades to be combined with a soft sweater and a pair of ivory kitten heels, and red, to be played down with neutral gray and black garments.

3 looks for flared trousers

They can be seen under the flared trousers and are perfect for both day and evening. Ankle boots ELLERY
The key point is to partially show the tip of the shoe under the trouser leg, easy and chic.Slippers NICHOLAS KIRKWOOD
The turning point to slim the figure is an elegant choice to apply to the most disparate looks.
A detail that helps posture and adapts to the type of trousers. Fashion tip: hide it under a rather wide paw.Mary Jane LAURENCE DACADE
Casual style, without exaggerating. A pair of sneakers fits virtually any type of trousers, so why not choose them for flared trousers as well? JIL SANDER sneakers

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