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Identikit of the irresistible girl
Identikit of the irresistible girl

Anyone who encounters it cannot help but notice it. What makes it irresistible is its ability to make the ordinary extraordinary, to make the most of every single day. Here's how to recognize it by some particular signs.

The backstage images of the Givenchy commercial

Starting with a fragrance that resembles her, in a bottle with a slender beauty, where all the richness and purity of glass are reflected in the iconic Givenchy Couture studs chiseled on the sides.

He never takes himself seriously. Just like the American actress Amanda Seyfried, testimonial of Live Irrésistible. It is fascinating, bubbly, full of energy and enthusiastic. He knows how to make fun of himself with great refinement. To find out more and to see the video, visit the minisite

Live Irrésistible by Givenchy is the olfactory column of an irresistible life, which can begin today. The Sephora Beauty Stores await all irresistible girls with a sample of Eau de Parfum. To collect it, just register on, print the coupon or present it on your smartphone. The initiative is valid until the available stocks are exhausted.

Live Irrésistible: #MyOwnRules

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