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Oriental feminine scents, spicy and amber
Oriental feminine scents, spicy and amber

What are the characteristics of oriental feminine perfumes, with spicy and amber notes? Here are the best and most representative fragrances of this olfactory family

Oriental feminine perfumes: the olfactory family

There olfactory family of the oriental perfumes it is full of facets. The basic idea is to evoke the imaginative worlds of an oriental thought (and stereotyped) by Westerners, exotic and mysterious.

The notes traditionally present in oriental perfumes are the sandalwood, the patchouli, the vanilla, resins And spices.

The best oriental fragrances

Browse the gallery and find out which are the oriental perfumes for women must have. Then let yourself be enchanted by the history and the secrets of this particular olfactory family.

Oriental feminine perfumes, amber and spicy: the best

profumi orientali femminili Guerlain-Shalimar
and of leather.

THE oriental perfumes make a big comeback in the 70's, when the hippie culture brought the exoticism of patchouli back to the center of attention. The opulence of these perfumes endures for all 80s, characterized by a baroque taste for fragrances, Opium from YSL And Samsara from Guerlain I'm an example.

Oriental feminine perfumes: spicy and floral accords

Among the facets of the oriental feminine perfumes, i floral perfumes, in which the spicy accords are juxtaposed with a floral heart. A classic example is Coco from Chanel, in which the rose is enhanced in its richness and softness by spices and resins.

The emblem of floral perfumes is L'Heure Bleue from Guerlain, even before oriental fragrances were codified. A chord with moving notes, where theanise and the vanillin join theiris and heliotrope.

A more modern interpretation is surely Black Orchid from Tom Ford. A perfume with a dark soul in which the sweet spices are joined toorchid and vanilla, creating a seductive accord.

In the wake of the oriental feminine perfumes, floral and gourmand we point out the award-winning Nor from Jul et Mad, created by the talented Italian nose Luca Maffei.

Oriental feminine perfumes: amber notes

The agreement of Amber is not to be confused withambergris, resin of animal origin now recreated with various synthetic molecules, such as ambroxan. For amber accord we mean the union, in general, of labdanum, benzoin And vanillin.

The most iconic amber fragrance is definitely Ambre Sultan from Serge Lutens, a resinous and balsamic accord. Among the niche creations, a high impact amber is Amber 114 from Histoires de Parfums, with very spicy notes.

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