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Bella Thorne hair and makeup: the most beautiful beauty looks
Bella Thorne hair and makeup: the most beautiful beauty looks

Beautiful, good and also nice: Bella Thorne is one of the beauty icons of the moment. Discover her hair looks and the most beautiful make-ups

Born in 1997, Bella Thorne is a rising star in the world of cinema, TV and even music.

Very popular on social networks (it has almost 15 million followers on Instagram), she has made herself known by the public not only for her artistic skills but also for her open and spontaneous character and original looks.

Bella Thorne Hair

Bella's hair is naturally brown, a color that gives a lot to her lunar complexion, although the star often loves to play with. original colors. The hair color she loves the most is definitely red, although recently we have seen her appear with blonde, blue, petrol green and greenery green hair.

The styling? Eclectic and fun like her (to understand what we are talking about, follow her on Snapchat): from curly to straight through hairstyles and bon ton collections, Bella always manages to be glamorous.

Bella Thorne Makeup

Even in terms of make-up, the star does not joke: she is able to go from a elegant look from red carpet to a rock mood in the blink of an eye. With particularly voluminous lips, Bella opts for intriguing nude lipsticks or extra dark proposals, such as burgundy lipsticks.

Another beauty detail not to be underestimated? The choice of manicure, always original.

The most beautiful beauty looks

Do you want to see in detail her most beautiful beauty looks? Browse the gallery!

Bella Thorne hair and makeup: the most beautiful beauty looks

bella-thorne-capelli-trucco-21 (2)
One of Bella Thorne's most recent looks, with dark teal hair, which gives a decisive rock twist to her look, competed by septum piercings and intense make-up, with strong eyeliner.
bella-thorne-capelli-trucco-21 (20)
Red hair and fiery red lips, in a matte shade. The edgy touch to the beauty look is given by the blue manicure with nail art.
bella-thorne-capelli-trucco-21 (21)
A decidedly over-the-top look, with degradé hair that fades from red to greenery, the pantone nuance of 2017. The make-up has intense warm tones.
bella-thorne-capelli-trucco-21 (22)
A decidedly more sober but equally intriguing proposal, with a line in the middle and a low tail. Inner corner of the eye are illuminated by a clear highlighter, while nude lips create balance with black smokey eyes.
bella-thorne-capelli-trucco-21 (1)
Resolutely bold and provocative, Bella Thorne also sported a rainbow lock at the bottom of her hair. The make-up - as well as the outfit - is edgy.
bella-thorne-capelli-trucco-21 (3)
A girly hairstyle for Bella, which creates a bow-bun at the top of the head.
bella-thorne-capelli-trucco-21 (4)
The long hair of the singer and actress lights up with blonde highlights, emphasized by a curly hairstyle.
bella-thorne-capelli-trucco-21 (5)
The warm blonde is the protagonist on the star's hair.
bella-thorne-capelli-trucco-21 (6)
A detail of the simple crop, voluminous at the top of the garment.
bella-thorne-capelli-trucco-21 (7)
For a great evening look, Bella opts for elegant and luminous make-up, uncovering her face with a high bun, the top knot.
bella-thorne-capelli-trucco-21 (8)
The smooth styling highlights Bella's bright red hair. The combined make-up is glamorous: burgundy lips and false eyelashes, perfect for making the look languid.
bella-thorne-capelli-trucco-21 (9)
A modern pin-up look, with a high ponytail, eyeliner and extra matte red lipstick.
bella-thorne-capelli-trucco-21 (10)
At a social event Bella also sported a beehive - the voluminous hairstyle at the top of her head - paired with pink lipstick, in tone with the dress, and black kajal.
bella-thorne-capelli-trucco-21 (11)
A red carpet look of great impact: the hair - styled with curls - is collected with softness.
bella-thorne-capelli-trucco-21 (12)
One of the star's most beautiful beauty looks, with wavy red hair and a clean face, in stark contrast to the matte purplish burgundy lipstick.
bella-thorne-capelli-trucco-21 (13)
Naked lips in first floor and dark but delicate eye make-up.
bella-thorne-capelli-trucco-21 (14)
Natural Bella Thorne, in a look from a few years ago.
bella-thorne-capelli-trucco-21 (15)
Soft harvest and gradient blonde hair color. The top detail of the look? The manicure with nude nail polish on one hand and taupe on the other.
bella-thorne-capelli-trucco-21 (16)
Red lips and natural hair.
bella-thorne-capelli-trucco-21 (17)
A trendy festival look, with hair gathered in multicolored braids with visible elastics and extra shiny make-up, with the application of crystals.
bella-thorne-capelli-trucco-21 (18)
Like a true modern princess, Bella Thorne collects her hair and adorns it with a crown. Makeup is more than glam mail: brown lips and matching eye make-up.
bella-thorne-capelli-trucco-21 (19)
Another high chignon, in a more elaborate variant, and make-up in shades of brown: super chic.

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