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The four real reasons why we like to shop online
The four real reasons why we like to shop online

Think you know why you like online shopping? Try to read these reasons and you will be amazed

In recent years, e-commerce has invaded the world - and the number of online stores in constant growth allows everyone to buy anything anywhere in the world without leaving their PC.

Inside the e-shops, in fact, you will find everything you need not only within the radius of your own city, but all over the world.

But why do we often end up buying online also products from physical stores, which we could reach easily and in a short time? The apparent reasons are the immediacy, speed and limited time available for shopping.

In reality there are other hidden reasons and four psychological aspects that should not be underestimated.

1. We optimize time

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Some might say that some women are lazy and therefore love online shopping. On reflection, however, it will be possible to understand how in reality women are exactly the opposite.

We love shopping online so that we can save time and devote ourselves to other activities that gratify us the most, whether it's resting or watching a movie. It is not therefore laziness but stubbornness.

2. It is rewarding

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We all have the same scene in mind: the intercom rings and we pray it's the courier. The best feeling of online shopping is precisely that moment when we find ourselves opening the package that has just been delivered to us.

It's so rewarding that it could make your day better.

3. Seems less expensive

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It happens very quietly. Most of the sites that provide an e-shop require consent to register credit card details after the first purchase. In this way, a simple click will be enough to pay and have the order shipped.

Everything happens so quickly that we almost do not realize it and our brain could feel less the weight of the amount just spent.

4. It is a gift we give to ourselves


We often make orders that take a long time to arrive (for foreign sites it can take up to 2/3 weeks).

After such a long time and especially if we order many items, it may happen that we no longer remember all the products chosen.

The arrival of the ordered package therefore becomes a moment only for us in which we discard the surprise that awaits us and which appears to us as a real gift to ourselves.

We are not buying, we are receiving a gift from ourselves. Thus we remember the importance of loving each other.

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