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The shoes to match the skirts
The shoes to match the skirts

The right combination for every look, here's how to best match skirts and shoes

When it comes to footwear to be combined with various items of clothing, the existential crisis is just around the corner. In fact, a wrong choice is enough to compromise the entire rendering of the look. Shoes and skirts, for example, are you sure you are doing the right thing?

Miniskirt and high heel should be avoided, on the contrary, pencil skirt and flat shoes are a combination that does not work, even for models. To make your life, and the choice of looks, easier, here is one mini guide on combinations.

Circle skirts


There full skirt is the emblem of the female garment, basically with a high and long waist just above the knee, it allows you to camouflage the hips and do justice to the waist. There choice of shoes is, of course, basic.

For those who aspire to rather comfortable looks and at the same time stylish, the advice is to focus on the classic ankle boots. Medium heel and simple design, choose shades and details according to the model.

The high heel, you know, it slims the figure, makes it more slender and emphasizes the narrow waist typical of this model. So dare with sandals or décolleté, depending on the season and personal taste.

If you don't mind the idea of ​​a rather short silhouette, go ahead for the flat shoe variant. To avoid the old lady effect, it is better to focus on a soft model such as leather slippers or ballet flats.

Shoes for flared skirts

but also for leisure and special events, it goes quite easily.

Height in this case is important, a pair of sandals, wanting to wear even in winter with a pair of heavy tights, or high boots for a 60s outfit.

Both trendy solutions to be worn during the day as well as in the evening.

The alternative is offered by kitten heels, the midi heel. To be chosen as an accessory for a particular skirt or simply to take on - immediately - a refined air Audrey Hepburn.

Shoes for midi skirts

it is among the strongest. The heel is allowed but should not exceed 12 centimeters, for the day you can opt for the flat version, you will be feminine with determination.

For lovers of college style, the solution is i moccasins. If you are looking for something different, indulge yourself with a pair of platform shoes or go ahead with the tank sole. Short socks or knee-highs only for the pros.

Not that the heel is prohibited when it comes to short skirts, you simply need to pay attention and avoid exaggerating the heights, the risk of slipping into vulgarity is just around the corner. A good compromise is the wide heel, of medium height, declined on sandals, pumps or slingbacks.

Shoes for short skirts


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