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Mistakes not to make on a first date
Mistakes not to make on a first date

The first date can be the start of a relationship or a complete disaster - we tell you what are the most common mistakes not to make

The first date it makes your heart beat (also) because you don't know what to expect from the meeting or how it might end.

The problem is that often, even when everything seems to go smoothly, these first encounters end up in nothing.

If you are waiting for him to call you back and are wondering why he hasn't (yet?) Done it, you may not know that you have made an unforgivable mistake (considered by the male eye).

Sometimes thanks to too much nervousness, in fact, you risk ruining everything without even realizing it, jeopardizing even just a second exit.

What are the missteps that you absolutely must not commit, on pain of never seeing him again? We list ten of them in the gallery.

How to ruin a first date

parlare troppo
There is a big difference between a job interview and a first date: you don't have to tell him about your life! He is not evaluating a portfolio and often the mystery intrigues more than the immediate viewing of the full film. You don't necessarily have to list all your strengths and weaknesses, remember that you don't have to sell something and that it doesn't have to hire you.
iniziare uno sfogo contro il genere maschile
Starting a kind of monologue against the male gender will not bring water to your mill, on the contrary, it will make you look like a kind of psychopathic-paranoid, he will start to hear an alarm sound and will look for immediate escape routes. Okay, you hate all the men in this world because you got burned, but it's your problem, not his. Make peace with this before you go back to date someone.
esagerare con i drink
Alcohol is the enemy of first dates, trivially because too much alcohol can ruin everything beyond repair before you even know it. Don't you want not to remember things, mumble at sensible phrases at the tables next to them, throw up in their car, start crying for no reason or start dancing with the bartender? Here, do not pass the second glass.
raccontare cose troppo intime
There is no need to go into the details of socially embarrassing illnesses, when you threw up in your first boyfriend's bed at eighteen, or the details of your older sister's birth. In short, try to keep a conversational tone that your grandmother could also support but without being boring. Some amusingly embarrassing things you will discover over time.
cantare al karaoke
Karaoke is fun but not very suitable for a first date, especially if you are out of tune and if you decide to sing Britney Spers after a couple of drinks too many. He may fall madly in love with you seeing you sing "Ops, I did it again," but maybe you shouldn't play this card right away.
cercare conferme sul futuro
It is not a deed or a business meeting where you plan the next steps of your journey together. In short, let the evening settle a bit, do not ask him insistently if you will meet again, when, where and if you spend the second weekend of the month together or if he will come to your sister's wedding. First dates aren't for answers.
baciare per prima
Don't make the first move, don't jump on him with the octopus sucker move, let him kiss you goodnight if he feels like it. A man always understands if you want to be kissed or not and if it doesn't happen on the first date maybe he will do it on the second. Do not rush through the stages, try not to be in a hurry to get everything immediately: if you arrive immediately at the destination, the journey risks ending sooner.
fare scena muta
It is not good to talk too much but not to make a completely silent scene either: the mystery is okay but the absence of input makes the EEG flat. In short, it takes a middle ground, making conversation is something that has to do with the balance of exchanges.
portarlo dove potreste incontrare il vostro ex
It's not nice to take him where you might meet your ex or his friends, you shouldn't show it off to make someone else jealous, he may feel manipulated and he wouldn't be completely wrong. Look for a neutral place, don't name any of your exes and try to enjoy the evening, the past is a place that should never enter on first dates.
scegliere un outfit sbagliato
Don't throw all the merchandise in his face, you don't need them. He should feel like taking off your clothes, not seeing pretty much everything immediately. No miniskirts that look like hair bands but not Jessica Rabbit necklines, you can be sexy even with a few inches of extra fabric.

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