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Beauty Balm: the trend of beauty balms
Beauty Balm: the trend of beauty balms

Skin care is multitasking thanks to beauty balms, the multi-purpose beauty balms that repair the skin even in the most critical conditions

A do-it-all product capable of carrying out (almost) the entire daily beauty routine on its own is the dream of many.

The trend of beauty balm embraces the broader concept of multitasking skincare, because you have less and less time and, above all, the less you waste, from an ecological point of view, the better. Not surprisingly, the trend of beauty balm comes from organic cosmetics niche, where more attention is paid to substance than to everything else, and it soon landed also among the most prestigious commercial brands.

What are beauty balms?

You may have already heard of cleansing balm, the cleansing balms for cleansing the face. THE beauty balm are based on a similar but broader concept. The so-called beauty balms they are, in fact, concentrated balms, with a very dense consistency, rich in agents nutrients that repair And protect the skin even in the most difficult conditions.

What are they for?

THE beauty balm (which should not be confused with BB Cream, which are quite another thing) can be used on various areas of the body in addition to the face, such as cuticles, elbows, knees, hands and wherever you feel the need for a soothing balm that puts the cracked skin.

The multipurpose formula

THE beauty balms specific to the face they are also multipurpose. I am indeed concentrate as a serum, they protect the skin like a rich moisturizer and anti age and they are great base for makeup, with a glow effect.

The novelties to try

Browse the gallery and discover the beauty balms of the moment, selected by Among these you will find the beauty balm of Armani Beauty, Charlotte Tilbury and Antipodes, just to name a few.

Beauty Balm: the products to try now

Giorgio_Armani beauty balm
Moisturizing balm with illuminating action for radiant skin, excellent as a base for make-up.
beauty balm charlotte tilbury
Balm that can be used both as a mask and as a cleanser, for a very soft skin with a glowing effect.
beauty balm may lindstrom
A luxurious concentrated balm with natural ingredients to decongest the skin and soothe inflammation.
Antipodes beauty balm
Multi-tasking balm perfect for all those situations where the skin is in critical condition. Excellent on chapped skin, abrasions and sunburn.
aurelia beauty balm
Organic balm with an exfoliating action that smoothes and brightens the skin by eliminating dead cells.
alphah beauty balm
Treatment balm that promises to smooth out wrinkles and restore elasticity and softness to the skin.
beauty balm rms
Nourishing balm for skin and lips. Excellent for very dry and chapped skin and for difficult climatic conditions.
balance me beauty balm
Only natural ingredients for this balm based on nourishing butters and oils. Contains shea, mango, coconut and cocoa butters.
beauty balm balmology
Concentrated natural and organic oils that nourish the skin and give well-being. Ideal as a night mask.
african botanics beauty balm
From the African tradition, a balm based on marula oil, with an anti-aging and nourishing action.
byterry beauty balm
Dual-use lip and cuticle balm that repairs and regenerates damaged skin.
beauty balm jurlique
Multi-purpose balm that can be applied to all areas of the body to soothe and protect the skin subject to the aggression of external agents.
Kiehl’s beauty balm
From the brand's cult hydration line comes the face balm that protects the skin and maintains the right level of hydration.
beauty balm stila
Hybrid beauty balm between make-up and skincare that moisturizes and evens the complexion with a soft focus effect, to be used as a make-up base.
badger balm beauty balm
Organic certified beauty balm enriched with Damask rose oil.
beauty balm tonymoly
Balm with warming action that frees pores and eliminates blackheads, with exfoliating particles.

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