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Brittle hair: remedies with the best strengthening products
Brittle hair: remedies with the best strengthening products

What to do in the case of brittle and weak hair? Here are the products to focus on to find revitalized and healthy hair

Do you have brittle hair? Here's how to take care of them and make them gorgeous with targeted remedies and i best strengthening products of the moment.

The causes

The causes that lead to brittle hair are many. Give it stress, to an unbalanced diet, up to hormonal problems, but also aging and frequent chemical treatments or excessive exposure to heat.


Brittle hair breaks easily, tends to fall, I'm thin and devoid of vitality and shine.


For strengthen brittle hair and restore it to health bet on ad hoc products, formulated with biotechnologies capable of repairing damaged hair shafts and reinforcing them thanks to peptides, consisting of amino acids.

Top products

THE serums concentrates for hair that stimulate the scalp, prevent the fall and increase there density of the hair. Discover in the gallery the best shampoos, conditioners and serums to remedy fragile and thin hair.

The most suitable products for fragile hair

capelli fragili ORIBE gold lust repair restore conditioner
A combination of plant extracts and biotechnologies to restore hydration and softness to the hair.
capelli fragili Living Proof Restore Shampoo
Specific restorative shampoo for damaged hair. It cleans without depriving the hair of moisture and protects it from future damage.
capelli fragili stemm-density
A high-tech hair serum that stimulates the scalp and helps make hair thicker and thicker, thanks to a complex of vitamins, amino acids, mineral salts and peptides.
capelli fragili OUAI repair conditioner
Nourishing conditioner for hair that is very dry and weakened by frequent treatments. The formula has been designed to strengthen the hair shaft preventing it from breaking.
capelli fragili WINDLE Moodie fortifying treatment shampoo
Strengthening and plumping shampoo for brittle and damaged hair. Contains antioxidants to stimulate the scalp.
capelli fragili KIEHL’S amino acid shampoo
Amino acid shampoo formulated for hair that tends to break easily, with coconut oil and peptides.
capelli fragili cowshed wild cow strenghtening conditioner
Strengthening conditioner for brittle and weakened hair. Contains vegetable proteins and natural extracts to restore vitality to the hair.
capelli fragili Bumble and bumble full potential shampoo
Often, brittle hair tends to break and fall out. This shampoo prevents hair loss by giving it strength and elasticity.
capelli fragili grow gorgeous hair growth serum
Fortifying hair serum that stimulates hair growth and prevents hair loss. Thanks to a complex of biotechnologies, the density of the hair shaft increases.
capelli fragili l’occitane aromachologie tonico cuoio capelluto
Hair tonic that increases the strength of the hair making it less fragile, thanks to essential oils rich in amino acids that stimulate circulation.

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