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10 apps to decorate the house
10 apps to decorate the house

About to move house, change rooms or transform your furniture? Here are the apps that will make your work less tiring and definitely more fun

Take advantage of the technology to design your own home by learning from the experts? Today it is definitely possible! Far from replacing the professionals and given that the advice of an expert in the sector is the best way to move without problems in the process of designing and renovating a house, today for sure one smartphone and a pinch of creativity are excellent allies to try your hand at housework.

10 apps to decorate the house

Turning ideas into reality is almost child's play with this app which, through the photos of the rooms, allows you to view your 3D projects. Have fun trying new furnishing combinations, the effect of a different wallpaper or perhaps adding a fireplace by sharing the results on social networks or via email and viewing the portfolios of professionals in your area that best suit the style or interior. area of ​​expertise you need. Available for iOS and Android.
The official Pantone app is a must for lovers of home decor and more generally of colors. Among the most interesting functions, the possibility of accessing a vast archive of colors, identifying a shade simply by taking a photo, selecting the most harmonious color combinations and saving and sharing the shades you like most in custom palettes. Available for Android.u2028
3d home design
Also used by home professionals, this application is ideal for 3D design and presentation. In an easy and intuitive way, it allows you to draw the house plan and furnish it. At the end of the works (the virtual ones, of course), it will then be possible to navigate inside the rooms in a virtual tour. Available for iOS and Android.
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We could have suggested numerous other applications to look for ideas and inspirations for your furniture, but none will ever be as complete as Pinterest, perfect thanks to the accurate search engine and the possibility to range not only in furniture, but also in lifestyle. Warning: it is addictive! Available for iOS and Android.
With a community of over 10 million fans, this application allows you to measure each room and trace the floor plan of your home using the camera without moving furniture or drawing on the walls. Just point your smartphone in the direction of the reference room to get information regarding measurements, insert objects, geotags and useful annotations in many formats compatible with the PC. Available for iOS and Android.
Turn ideas into a fantastic reality? Thanks to this app created for professionals in the sector it is possible, obtaining extremely accurate work. Intuitive, practical and fast, Morpholio Trace allows you to draw directly on the images, functioning as a digital tracing paper to overlay annotations and always new ideas to your project. Available for iOS.
The famous Swedish giant, now a must for our homes, offers a very useful application that gives access to the splendid catalog, scanning its pages to discover special contents, watch videos and 360 ° settings and, even more useful, try virtually in your rooms the furniture that most intrigues you with images. Available for iOS and Android.
Absolutely recommended for feng shui enthusiasts, light lovers and professionals dealing with real estate, this application takes advantage of augmented reality by showing the solar path, from sunrise to sunset, in any position on earth according to the seasons and at the time. Running in the sun using the GPS will be very useful to make the most of every single ray and make your rooms brighter by positioning the furniture in the most appropriate way. Available for iOS and Android.
One of those tools to be saved in the useful apps folder when needed, is nothing more than a digital level for precision proof of the most fussy eyes. Goodbye pictures, shelves and crooked mirrors! Available for iOS and Android.
If you are looking for inspiration and want to get useful ideas directly from the professionals, this application is really for you. Be inspired by over 9 million high-resolution images categorized by style, room type and city. The most interesting feature of Houzz, however, is the ability to view over 12 million high-resolution images and to get in touch with over 1.5 million architects and interior designers from each city, viewing their portfolio, saving the most interesting ideas. or, why not, contacting them to give life to your dream home. Available for iOS and Android.

And since we strongly believe in your skills, we have decided to select for you the most interesting, useful and creative applications to make your work easier.

Are you thinking of moving house, furnishing that empty room for years now, making some small changes to the floor plan of your home or simply updating the furniture while waiting for the summer?

Here is the list of best apps, approved by professionals, among databases of thousands of high-resolution photos, augmented reality, projects to customize and useful tools for measuring and furnishing.

Designing your dream home has never been easier and more fun!

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