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Acne: the best organic cosmetics to treat it
Acne: the best organic cosmetics to treat it

You can improve the appearance of the skin with acne, even with organic products: find out which ones and how they work

L'acne it is a skin condition very linked to the internal balance of the body, but not only. Find out how to fight this imbalance with the best organic cosmetics to treat it, although it is important to always consult your doctor in case of acne.

Among the most interesting ingredients to fight it are the extracts of natural origin, coming from plants or specific minerals, which can stem and soothe inflammation.

THE bio cosmetics specific for acne they are an excellent choice in the fight against this inflammation, especially if you choose the most suitable products to use in the basic routines to treat this type of problem: cleansing and hydration.

It is in fact a serious mistake to think that this type of epidermis should only be "degreased" in an obsessive way, undermining its lipid balance and giving rise to a reverse process whereby the skin will become increasingly oily and inflamed.

We have selected for you some complete lines, of Ren, Juice Beauty And John Masters, but also masks, sos treatments and moisturizers of Pai, Dr. Hauschka, Nanny Harper and many others: discover them all in our gallery.

Acne: the best organic cosmetics to treat it

A collection of products enriched with blends of bearberry, willow and rice extracts that help problematic skin by thoroughly cleansing it, regulating its sebum production, eliminating dead cells and refining pores, guaranteeing nourishment and hydration.
A set of products for a complete anti-acne treatment that lasts 30 days. Contains everything you need for daily skin care, from cleansing to moisturizing: BLEMISH CLEARING ™ cleanser and serum, GREEN APPLE® peeling, oil-free moisturizer and a bamboo muslin for a lightly exfoliating daily cleanse.
acne-prodotti-bio_REN clearcalm_regime_kit
3 Iconic products of the ClearCalm line, designed for problematic and irritated, combination or oily skin. Clarifying Clay Cleanser is the purifying and antibacterial cleanser that calms the skin leaving it fresh and clean as well as minimizing dilated pores. Replenishing Gel Cream is a moisturizing gel to be applied in the evening to soothe and nourish during sleep, repairing the skin and reducing redness. Clarity Restoring Mask is a powerful mask with antibacterial properties that absorbs excess sebum as well as significantly reducing pimples and blemishes. Very effective for reducing even pigmented scars.
This rhassoul-based cosmetic line has been specially developed for the treatment of acne and blemished skin. It acts deeply against the bacteria that cause pimples, occlusions and oiliness. Includes cleanser, active cream and pimple pad. The mineral-based cleanser deeply cleans without irritating and erasing shiny spots, the active cream soothes, smoothes, relaxes while counteracting the formation of pimples. Finally, the tampon is a liquid stick to be applied locally to accelerate the disappearance of pimples.
A konjac sponge enriched with activated bamboo charcoal specifically developed for acne-prone skin. Minerals perform an effective action to remove and absorb sebum. Furthermore, thanks to the antioxidant properties of bamboo, it keeps bacteria that proliferate at bay, hindering the resolution of acne. It should be moistened under water before use and then used with a light massage all over the face.
This purifying treatment, specific for skin with impurities, increases the effectiveness of the most classic steam bath. Its formula rich in daisies, nasturtium and witch hazel helps to gently purify the skin, soothing and softening pimples and preparing for deep cleansing or a specific mask. It is added to a bowl of boiling water before exposing your face.
An antibacterial and anti-inflammatory gel treatment based on Vitamins A and C, enriched with precious calming extracts of lavender and chamomile. Immediately treats and refreshes the inflamed and problematic epidermis. Also excellent used in place of the moisturizer, especially on very oily skin.
This cream is a specific treatment to be applied on the face to reduce irritation and redness, especially those caused by acne. Contains extracts of blue lotus, tea tree and ginger that remove redness by going to burn off deeply thanks to their antibacterial charge.
A specific gel for local application that reduces redness and pimples, favoring their quick resorption. Its aloe-based antiseptic gel formula contains extracts and essential oils that dry without dehydrating or irritating.
This organic purifying serum is specially designed for the most important acne conditions. Ideal for long-term acne treatment, it is effective and gentle, gradually reducing irritation and pimple formation. Contains salicylic acid formulated together with powerful botanical extracts in high concentration.
A powerfully antiseptic and antibacterial serum with a deep moisturizing effect. Calms and lightens acne-prone skin, while also reducing sebum production by approximately 65%. Contains zinc to counteract the formation of blackheads and pimples as it regulates the skin's sebum production.
This light-textured serum perfects the skin thanks to its formula based on white lily, wakame seaweed, argan oil, maritime pine and green tea. It reduces skin blemishes, including scars and marks left by acne, preventing their formation by inhibiting the production of melanin. It increases the skin's natural defenses and contains precious natural antioxidants that counteract the formation of free radicals.
acne-prodotti-bio_SusanneKaufmann_face gel matte
This face gel with a matte finish intensely cares for combination and oily skin with oiliness and dilated pores. Its rich content of plantain and imperatoria guarantees an antibacterial, soothing and lightening effect while the apple extracts maintain optimal hydration levels.
This aloe vera-based gel soothes and reduces irritation, rashes and inflammation. Regenerates the skin by nourishing it deeply and softening it. Relieves all acne symptoms by providing an active supply of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants.
acne-prodotti-bio_Guy Morgan
The White Marble Clay Mask, in powder, is activated with water and can also be used as a light exfoliant. The pumice stone and the white marble powder contained in it, free the skin from dead cells, restoring brightness but also softness. Rhassoul and neem oil actively fight acne. The face oil has been specially created for acne-prone and oily skin: its ultra-light texture blends with the complexion and deeply hydrates, rebalancing the sebum.
A very precious face oil that contains essential oil extracted from 1,000 Bulgarian roses with a powerful repairing action, particularly suitable for acne. Very suitable for restoring problematic and damaged skin. Its formula also includes pure Vitamin C, baobab oil and other antiseptic and antioxidant essential oils.
A powerfully antiseptic and antibacterial serum with a deep moisturizing effect. Calms and lightens acne-prone skin, reducing sebum production by approximately 65%. Contains zinc to counteract the formation of blackheads and pimples.
A day cream with a rebalancing effect for oily acne-prone skin. Reduces the appearance of pores and persistent blemishes. Contains geranium essential oil which soothes, balances, lightens and safflower oil rich in Omega-6 which reduces enlarged pores.
A real concentrate of mud from the lakes of the Nordic forests that purify the skin, narrow the pores and leave the skin velvety, matte, smooth and revitalized. Absorbs excess sebum, reduces the appearance of pimples and reduces inflammation. It thoroughly eliminates dirt and toxins, giving a healthy and natural glow.
A treatment mask based on raw cocoa, bamboo charcoal and clays that deeply purify the epidermis while also narrowing its pores. Calms irritations and balances impure skin. It is activated with water, which transforms it into a rich foam to be massaged on the face.
This powder mask based on organic ingredients contains mushroom extracts with a powerful anti-inflammatory and immune defenses strengthening action. It repairs the skin effectively and stimulates cell renewal by accelerating the skin's healing process.
A solution for very inflamed and problematic skin, based on natural minerals and sulfur. It works with a deep cleansing of the skin to relieve rashes, blackheads, abscesses and rosacea. It evens out the complexion and removes dead cells by restoring the correct skin metabolism.
This mask is a specific weekly treatment to be applied on the skin of the face, except in the moments when it is more sensitive or has active rosacea. Its highly concentrated, bioactive and detoxifying formula transforms problematic and tired skin making it radiant and fresh. A powder product to be activated with water, which transforms it into a soft mousse. Based on volcanic powder, it contains neem, hibiscus, anti-inflammatory turmeric, Vitamin C and other sebum-regulating botanical extracts.
Based on raw honey collected in Vermont, at the brand's plantations, this mask is a version of the famous Resurfacing Mask enriched with the liquid gold of bees. It gives instant radiance while also acting as a powerful antiseptic and leaves the skin soft and glowing. For a moisturized, even skin, with minimized pores and thoroughly cleansed.

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