In the world of Lucky Blue Smith
In the world of Lucky Blue Smith

Lucky Blue Smith is the most followed model of the moment. In the issue from today on newsstands, she poses for Grazia and reveals, for the first time, the lights and shadows of her life away from social media

To enter the Dolce & Gabbana fashion show I have to climb over a wall of girls who seem crazy. “We've been here for two hours. I dream of a photograph with Lucky Blue Smith: my idol », says Gaia, 17 years old. "He is tender, beautiful, he has style," adds Maia, 14, who traveled three hours by train to get there because she lives in the province of Turin. To Sofia, 15, not even a trace of make-up, ponytail, jeans and parkas, I ask what she likes most about the model of the moment, a digital influencer with almost 3 million followers on Instagram: «Everything. Nothing is missing ». And when I show the backstage photos of this photo shoot, the girls can't believe it: "Did you really know him?". And I too become a myth, just for having interviewed him. A friend of mine who has a teenage daughter confirms this: "She found out on social media that you met him and now she always talks about you." 1.89 m tall («At 16 I felt like I was oversized», he says), thin but also muscular, the first thing he says to me is: «To tell the truth I don't understand why I like me so much». Let's face it: at first he looks like an ordinary teenager, certainly beautiful, but without special effects. The magic comes when you put yourself in front of the lens. Lucky Blue transforms, gives off a strange energy. "He looks like the legendary James Dean," says Augusto, our team's make-up artist. “While he is talking to you, he is a simple one 18 years old American, a little shy and with an innocent smile. Then on the set it changes completely. And become a star », adds Nicola, videomaker.


One thing is certain: Lucky Blue is not just a "clever marketing product", but its DNA has something special. Just see the photo that photographer Hedi Slimane took of him when he was 12, which marked the beginning of his career: full lips, magnetic gaze, a mix between pop star David Bowie and actor Brad Pitt who can't leave indifferent. It may be for this reason that Lucky has quickly become a celebrity, raising even the not so exciting family finances. It has also dragged them into the world of fashion Pyper sisters, 19 years old, e Daisy, 21, while Starlie, 23, the only brunette, devotes herself to music. Family passion: the brothers all play in a band, The Atomics. But behind the scenes of Lucky's popularity is mother Sheridan, also beautiful and blonde, a past as a model, the first to understand that social networks could amplify the fame of her children. And to think that in the small Utah town of 30,000 inhabitants where the Smiths lived, Spanish Fork, 80 kilometers from Salt Lake City, the neighbors had nicknamed them "the Cullens", after the family of vampires protagonists of the Twilight saga, for indicate their strangeness and their isolation. Today they are super social, except when it comes to religion: they are Mormons and questions about faith are not allowed. When I meet Lucky Blue, he is "sitting" at the hairdresser, they are putting the pins in his hair to keep it in style. He's no longer platinum blonde for some time, but ice-colored eyes still stand out.

How do you get so many fans? "There is no magic recipe. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that I'm accessible: I like meeting them, chatting with them, meeting them. It's the only way to create a special, strong relationship with the fans. In the future I will not change: I do not want to become famous and then turn into a snobbish person. This is why I try to take a picture with all the girls who ask me ». Do you spend more time with them than with friends? "I would say yes. In Los Angeles I hang out with my company from time to time, but I am so focused on my career that I sometimes forget to speak up and, in the end, I mostly hang out with my sisters. If I'm traveling, then, I try to text the fans to see them. They give me energy ». Just like it happens to a rock star in a concert in front of the audience in delirium. Do you also receive curious messages from your followers? «The most frequent one is: 'I want to marry you'. But I will think about marriage, perhaps, in a century. " You started working at 12, when you were still a child. Haven't you lost a piece of childhood?"I do not believe. I was a kid, I didn't have much "market" yet: face and body too young to break into the world of men's fashion. My first job was for a Brazilian jeans brand, then I did a couple of campaigns with Gap and Levi's, but I started working more intensely from the age of 16, with my first shows in New York and Milan. Since then I have been traveling and I have not attended school regularly ».


Have you stopped studying? "Would have been nice. I started a home school. But it was difficult because I'm not the kind of person who can concentrate. When I was on the plane, I always had to stay on the books: a nightmare ". Who taught you? Your mother? "No, nobody. I followed an independent study program. They give you the books and then do the exercises after you have learned the lesson of the day. It was better than school, I did what I could ». Until last year Sheridan, your mother, accompanied you to every show. Doesn't he come now? “I was a minor and he always followed me. Now he lets me go alone, but I miss him. It's always nice to have your mom close to you, taking care of you. ' Here in Milan you arrived with your sisters instead. You are always together on Instagram. Is there the classic relationship between brothers between you or something more? «They are my best friends: I spend the whole day with them. We often play together, in our band, The Atomics: we try the pieces, we look for new songs. Starlie is the singer, I play the percussion, Pyper the bass, Daisy the guitar ».


When did you learn to play? "My father, Dallon, is a musician (the only one who rarely appears on social media, ed). When I was 6 at Christmas he gave us an instrument each, then he taught us to play. We make surf-music (a genre born in California in the 60s, ed), with disco and hip-hop contaminations. We just released a single, Voulez-vous, and Dad did some of the arrangements. We are already super excited because we will be playing at the Coachella Music Festival in California on April 15th and 22nd”. Did you sleep in the same room as your sisters as a child? “Yes, even when we moved to Los Angeles. We went to stay in a two-room apartment because that was what we could afford: there were those who slept on the bed, others in the armchair. It has been like this for two years. Then things got better and now I live alone ». Do you do the cleaning? Can you cook? “You should see the pile of dirty clothes in my house. Life goes by and I forget to wash them. In short, I still have to learn. I would like to know how to cook, instead I order everything at home ».

If we're on vacation to Los Angeles, can you tell us where we can meet you? «On the beach, in Malibu. When I have some free time, I always go there to relax ". There is talk of a reality show about your family, similar to that of the Kardashian sisters. Will you do it? "There has been a lot of talk about it, but I don't want to. I can't imagine being there for everyone to see every day. I prefer to be an actor. I have already made the film Love Everlasting, by Rob Diamond, a beautiful love story. Cinema will be my future: I'm taking acting lessons ». Do you have time for love? “Of course, I have an incredible girlfriend, the most beautiful in the world. She is a musician, sings, plays the piano and is also a model: her name is Stormi Bree”(she is 26 years old). Not bad, she was Miss Teen USA in 2009. She is eight years older than you: was she the one who took the first step? "No, I met her because she played with my sister Starlie, then I contacted her on Instagram and asked her:" Do you want to go out for dinner with me? ". He accepted and love was born ". It will be tough for all the fans to compete. Photo: Getty Images

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