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Valentine's Day gifts for him: the best perfumes
Valentine's Day gifts for him: the best perfumes

Men also love perfumes and Valentine's Day is the best time to keep them happy. Find the fragrance for your him with our selection

Are you looking for ideas about Valentine's Day gifts for him? Here are the best men's perfumes to give.

Men, in fact, love perfumes. They trust the advice of the person closest to them, especially if it is a beauty addicted, and they love to receive them as a gift, especially on Valentine's Day. The reason is simple. Giving away a fragrance is another way of declare your love.

Whether the man in question is a dandy or one who loves classic elegance or, finally, a fashion victim, there is certainly an eau de parfum that can satisfy his tastes.

Undecided on which product to choose? We will help you with the selection of best perfumes for men of the moment along with some unisex proposal because, you know, sharing a perfume with your man is the most sensual thing there is.

Valentine's Day gifts for him: the best perfumes

it is a fresh jus, with the sensuality that distinguishes the Texan designer. Floral and warm notes are enclosed in the classic fluted but purple matte glass bottle.
it is a fragrance, discreet and never provocative, easy to wear while denoting a rare elegance. Created by Antoine Maisondieu, it looks like a salicylated fougère cologne that opens with a strong citrus note on a sensual, amber, woody background.
is the essence of today's Versace man. This aromatic fougère fragrance based on the olfactory uniqueness of precious natural ingredients and molecules - from the woody notes of Ambergris to the exquisite mix of Bergamot and Grapefruit - looks to modernity. The enveloping touch of black pepper, papyrus and incense gives masculinity, while the base is accentuated by a seductive combination of mineral musk, tonka beans and saffron.
he is dressed in a romantic cover. The floral fruity notes such as the top ones - White Flowers and Currant Berries - and the heart ones - Jasmine, Rose and Heliotrope - blend with the base notes such as White Musk, Sandalwood, and Tobacco.
was born from Julian Bedel's desire to capture multi-faceted smells in a fragrance that remain enveloped in an aura of mystery. The olfactory accords are in fact extremely particular: Yerba mate, Barba de viejo - a lichen native to Patagonia able to indicate the level of purity of the air - and, finally, the smell of the lake bottom.
is a fragrance created through a particular blend whose structure remains unchanged from the first application on the skin. The accords of Leather and Golden Wood are expertly blended with natural essences of Nootka Cypress. The result is a fragrance with very dry woody notes, accentuated by three different types of Patchouli and Vetiver oil with an earthy scent.
fenice uomo
is an elegant fragrance characterized by fresh green notes combined with sunny and juicy Mandarins that are revealed in the top notes. The bursting heart notes combine spicy black pepper and warm cloves with seductive lily. The base is luxurious and sophisticated, composed of rich cedar wood, natural leather and diffusive Amber, which give uniqueness and thickness.
is a fresh and citrus fragrance, which opens in warm yellow tones. It is a reminder of the Mediterranean light, orange groves, wild lemons picked on the red earth and bunches of cut herbs on the market stalls.
is a reinterpretation of the best seller Cozé (PG 02), launched 10 years ago. The fragrance leaves behind the hints of leather and precious woods typical of gentleman's clubs, inviting you to a relaxing trip to a Panama beach.
is an intriguing and intense Oud that takes its name from the Alizarin red, cultivated in Egypt since ancient times. Intense and mysterious, Alizarin evokes whispers of Oud, precious Vetiver and rare resins to present itself as a real tribute to the millenary tradition of perfumes in Egypt.
it is an explosion of spices and wood, underlined by Vetiver and Musk that give life to a masculine and mysterious eau de toilette.
debuts with the sparkling notes of Sicilian Grapefruit and Green Apple, while the heart overflows with accords of Lavender and Orange Blossom married with spicy flashes of Ginger. Amber wood, warm and enveloping, and Vanilla capture the senses in a dance of seduction that makes the heart beat faster.
it is characterized by warm citrus notes that give this invigorating scent an aromatic touch, unmistakable and delicate at the same time.
is a unisex eau de toilette that belongs to the Green Fruity family. Orchestrated on the variants of the note “Fico” (fruit, leaf, wood), it releases a sucré touch given by Neroli, Cocco and Jasmine, and a base refreshed by the presence of Woods.
is a comfort fragrance, a familiar scent that refers to the emotions of the cologne of the sixties and seventies, with a more aromatic and lasting touch.

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