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Lily Collins make up: copy her burgundy smokey eyes
Lily Collins make up: copy her burgundy smokey eyes

Burgundy smokey eyes and dark lips: find out how to replicate Lily Collins' make-up look

The young actress Lily Collins loves looks with character. Daughter of musician Phil Collins, she was recently nominated for the 2017 Golden Globes as Best Actress for the film The Exception to the Rule.

Angelic beauty with diaphanous skin, magnetic doe eyes and thick eyebrows, Lily was noticed by the French fashion house Lancômebecoming one of his faces.

During the last Critics' Choice Awards the actress sported an enchanting make-up look, able to show the perfect balance between intense eye make-up and dark lips.

Looking forward to seeing her again soon in the cinema in the title role in the film To The Bone with Keanu Reeves, find out how to replicate the smokey eyes burgundy with dark lips by Lily Collins following the suggestions and products recommended in the gallery.

Lily Collins make up: copy the look with burgundy smokey eyes

Intense and sophisticated look for Lily Collins who finds the perfect balance between eye and lip makeup, focusing on both.
Highly pigmented, with a matte finish, easy to blend, it is ideal for creating deep smokey eyes.
To give brightness to the eyes, Lily has applied a gold-bronze-copper shade with a shimmer finish in the inner corner of the eye and the cream eyeshadow in stick format is the perfect choice to make this step.
Applying a pencil of a dark shade, in this case bronze brown, along the inner rim of the eye will be a useful step not only to give depth and definition to the look, but also to prevent the pigment of the eyeshadow of this look from making it appear. red eyes.
To best wear an eye makeup in shades of burgundy red, it is essential to perfect the complexion and eliminate any type of redness from the face.
guarantees the high coverage of a concealer, the ease of application of a liquid foundation and the lightness of a powder for a complexion free of imperfections and discoloration.
gives cheeks a radiant hue for radiant, healthy looking skin.
A little trick is enough to make it easier to wear an intense look both on the eyes and on the lips. Lily chooses a lighter and brighter copper color in the inner area of ​​the lower lip, in contrast to the burgundy used along the contour and on the upper lips.
borrows the intense and lively colors of the flowery fields to give the lips a charge of sophisticated vitality.
gives a veil of brightness with metallic copper-colored reflections.

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