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Splash skincare: skin care goes liquid
Splash skincare: skin care goes liquid

It is now an established fact that Asian countries, and in particular South Korea, exert a great influence on the Western cosmetic market. Just think of the boom of bb creams and, more recently, of cushion foundations.

This is a very different idea of ​​beauty from what we have always been used to. Naturally, this beauty philosophy is reflected in the concept of make-up and skincare products with very particular characteristics.

What is meant by splash skincare? It is a concept of liquid skincare, where the products have a watery texture or in gel.

Korean women lovehydration and the freshness. For this reason, the splash skincare, offers numerous benefits. THE active principles are conveyed quickly, since theabsorption And immediate. There is no residue or "sticky" skin feeling. Furthermore, the principles contained in the various treatments of liquid skincare, there is a surplus of hydration and a sensation of freshness to the incomparable application.

What are the products that fall under the concept of splash skincare? It goes far beyond the usual tonics. It is about serums, essence, mist to probiotics, peeling and even masks.

Browse the gallery to find out how to prepare one beauty routine entirely liquid.

Splash skincare: liquid beauty products

splash skincare Sensai-Cellular_Performance_Basis-Essence
Essences are a sort of middle ground between tonic and serum. From Japanese wisdom, here is a treatment that tackles premature aging by giving firmness and vitality to the skin that appears more toned overall.
splash skincare nid-superoxide-dismutase-saccharide-mist
Few frills and a lot of technology for this mist that should not be confused with a normal tonic. It fights oxidative stress, restores the right hydration and counteracts inflammatory conditions of the skin. All this results in a visibly improved texture after continuous use, thanks to the fermented polysaccharides of marine origin.
splash skincare Giorgio_Armani-Armani_PRIMA
The classic nourishing oil takes on a new innovative form, thanks to the light and flowing oil gel texture. Returns nourishment to the most dehydrated skin making the skin of the face brighter.
splash skincare ibuki mist
The mist that acts as a shock treatment for all those situations in which the skin appears tight and stressed, thanks to the marjoram extract. It can be vaporized at any time and is also perfect for oily or combination skin, as it regulates the production of sebum.
splash skincare Lancome-Energie_de_Vie
Liquid serum that restores balance to "scrambled", dull and tired skin, with a boost of energy and radiance thanks to the extracts of goji berries, lemon balm and gentian.
splash skincare alphah_liquidgold
Exfoliating treatment with liquid texture based on glycolic acid, to refine the skin texture, uniform the complexion by contrasting blemishes and imperfections and decrease the appearance of fine lines.
splash skincare Kiehl_s-Iris_Extract_Activating_Treatment_Essence
Essence based on precious iris root with an illuminating and anti-aging action. The complexion is more homogeneous, luminous and the expression lines less visible.
splash skincare COSRX BHA-Blackhead-Power-Liquid
From the Korean brand, an anti-imperfection treatment based on salicylic acid extracted from willow, to free the pores of bacteria and dead cells and counteract the appearance of blackheads. It performs a delicate exfoliating action and evens the complexion, thanks to niacinamide.
splash skincare blithe
How does a liquid mask work? Imagine all the benefits of the shutter speed of a classic mask concentrated in 15 seconds of absorption. Just pour the right amount into your palms and dab it on your face. Contains citrus extracts to brighten, honey to soothe and lactic acid to exfoliate.
splash skincare eau-de-soin-spf-30-bioderma
A mist with high sun protection to moisturize and protect the face in a single gesture to counteract premature aging of the skin. The coolest thing? It can also be sprayed on top of make-up to fix it.
splash skincare hylamide-hydra-density-mist
Highly moisturizing treatment based on polysaccharides, polyphenols and Australian Tasmannia lanceolata extract. Plumps, soothes and fights imperfections, ideal for asphyxiated skin.
splash skincare mizon
Peeling in aqueous gel formula based on malic acid and enzymes extracted from papaya to gently exfoliate even the most sensitive skin, without redness or irritation.
splash skincare vitamin-e-face-mist
Moisturizing mist enriched with vitamin E and shea butter and rose water that can also be used under make-up as a base.
splash skincare whiterx-white-flash
Instant anti-spot treatment. Thanks to titanium dioxide and special pigments, an optical effect is created that minimizes discoloration, with the effect of an instantly more even complexion. It is used as a make-up base.
Ultra-thirst-quenching mist spray for dry skin that needs immediate relief.

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