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Pastel pink hair: how to wear the soft pink trend
Pastel pink hair: how to wear the soft pink trend

Pastel shades continue to be a big trend. Here's who baby pink hair looks good on and how to get it, with star and catwalk inspirations and recommended products

Pastel Pink Hair: Who Does It Look Like?

In general, all pastel colors give more to those who have the clear skin. In the case of medium-dark or olive skin, pastel pink hair could turn off the complexion. In this case, you can opt for a shocking pink shade, which is more appropriate.

THE pastel pink hair they can have a very cold or warmer shade. In the first case, the color will tend to lilac and will look better on those with fair skin cold undertone. Alternatively, if you have a clear complexion since warm undertone, you can opt for a shade pink lemonade, where the pink is warmed by orange shades of sherbet.

How to make the light pink tint

Since it is a very light color, the best base to start from is certainly the blond hair. In case you have brown or darker hair you will need to do one or more discolorations. On the market there are excellent products useful for this purpose, but if you do not feel safe, rely on your trusted hairdresser.

Are you afraid of getting tired of color? Go for temporary pink hair! The pink on the hair is a nuance that tends to fade rather quickly, however, rely on semi-permanent dyes that fade with washing and last up to about 6 weeks.

Pink hair inspiration and recommended semi-permanent pink dyes

Browse the gallery and let yourself be conquered by the soft pink hair trend.

Pastel pink hair: the coolest ideas

capelli rosa pastello katy perry
Semi-permanent dye in cotton candy pink.
capelli rosa pastello pink
The semi-permanent colors fade little by little after each wash and last up to 6/8 weeks. This shade from the Manic Panic line gives cool pastel pink hair with an anti-yellow action.
capelli rosa pastello Mara Hoffman
Semi-permanent dyes are ideal for unusual colors, when you are in the mood to experiment without committing to final decisions.
capelli rosa pastello Sibling
Pastel pink neon hair for a high impact effect.
capelli rosa pastello Victor-De-Souza
The coolest shade of pastel pink hair turns warm, with peach sorbet highlights.
capelli rosa pastello street people
Pastel pink hair spotted on the streets of New York.

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