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Angelina Jolie hair: color, hairstyles, look evolution
Angelina Jolie hair: color, hairstyles, look evolution

Find out how Angelina Jolie's hair look has changed from her film debut to today

How have i Angelina Jolie's hair in the years?

Since his debut in the world of cinema, the star has changed several times color And cut, while remaining (almost always) faithful to long hair. In fact, the actress loves to highlight her practical facial features with sophisticated and feminine hairdo, favoring elegant crops.

Discover color with us, hairstyles and evolution of the look of Angelina Jolie's hair by browsing the gallery.

Angelina Jolie hair: color, hairstyles and look evolution

Angelina Jolie sports short dark hair, in line with the trends of the grunge decade.
Angelina Jolie's hair becomes curly and voluminous, in a shade of warm blonde.
At the end of the same year, the star changes color and returns to black, with a sleek hairstyle with a wet effect.
An average haircut for the year in which the actress triumphs with the film Interrupted Girls, receiving several awards.
In the same year Angelina Jolie receives the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for Interrupted Girls, here is the dark look sported during the gala evening.
Natural hair with central parting, brown in color at the premiere of the Tomb Raider movie.
Angelina's hair comes alive with soft curls. The color remains natural.
A wild, voluminous layered hair look with a pulled-out tuft.
A very busy year for the actress, who flaunts on the red carpet an extra voluminous hair, combed back, veiled with honey-colored reflections.
Angelina Joile's hair still appears wavy in an easy way.
A much-loved hairstyle of the star, a semi-collected that frames the face, often used for the most important public appearances.
In the same year, at the Cannes Film Festival, the star opts for a choppy crop with curly hair, a feminine look that contrasts the tuxedo worn.
Brad Pitt's ex-wife's long hair frames her face thanks to the layered cut.
One of the star's favorite hair looks, with slightly wavy and natural hair.
At the premiere of the film Mr. & Mrs. Smith - during which the love between her and the now ex Brad Pitt blossomed - the American actress shows off a sinuous semi-harvest.
During the same year Angelina Jolie's hair color becomes lighter and softer, turning to blond.
On the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival Angelina Jolie opts for a semi-collected with beehive - the crowning in the center of the head - with a 60s mood.
A simple hair look, the hair is a warm brown color.
Jolie's hair becomes very dark and full-bodied.
very long hair and rounded on the back, Angelina's hair takes on light shades.
Angelina Jolie's look becomes even more interesting thanks to the auburn tint.
Side parting and slightly voluminous tuft.
At the Academy Awards ceremony, Angelina Jolie chooses a sober look, with lightened lengths and a contrasting dark base.
Angelina Jolie's classic cold brown is highlighted by the smooth styling and the very slight lightening on the front of the hair.

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