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Louis Vuitton X Supreme and the coolest collaborations
Louis Vuitton X Supreme and the coolest collaborations

The union of two brands can be very interesting, the latest men's fashion shows have just shown it

That of collaborations between brands seems to be one of the most solid formulas within a fashion system undergoing continuous rethinking: we had already seen it during the September fashion shows, when the first see now-buy now collections began to take shape, i.e. those whose products are immediately purchasable.

The last men's fashion shows, recently concluded in Paris, were no exception: among the most talked about joint-ventures there was certainly the one between Louis Vuitton and Supreme, which made aficionados of the streetwear brand go crazy thanks to the cleverly constructed hype.

The one orchestrated by the serial collector Kim Jones (who designs the LV man) was not the only occasion in which luxury brands met those ofsports and technical clothing: here are which, in our opinion, are the most interesting experiments.

Louis Vuitton X Supreme

Louis Vuitton X Supreme

tagged Supreme.

Gosha Rubchinskiy X adidas Football


Russian is certainly one of the masters of reworking Gosha Rubchinskiy, which after having brought back the historical brands of Italian sportswear such as Line And Sergio Tacchini for the Spring-Summer 2017, for the upcoming cold season works in tandem with adidas Football.

Its unsuspectedly dapper lineup of hooligans sets the standard for the new informal classic: shoes, t-shirts and windproof jackets will also be coveted by girls who like urban trekking style.

Junya Watanabe X North Face


In fact, for theAutumn-Winter 2017 North Face it wasn't the only brand under which Junya Watanabe has chosen to collaborate. Her collection, which will surely end up in the wardrobes of "all cool guys" as Sarah Mower wrote in Vogue US, is in fact littered with special contributions to brands icon like Levi's, Carhartt, Vans, Barbour, Kangol And Gloverall.

A way of working that the Japanese designer is widely accustomed to and that has been part of his brand's DNA for almost always. The tribute to the colorful and oversized sportswear that was crazy in the 90s hip-hop videos, then, is the touch of style that will satisfy even the most demanding palates.

Martine Rose X Napapijri


He worked on exaggerated volumes too Martine Rose, a London designer who usually designs men's fashion in which the silhouettes of the seventies and the influence of the rave of the nineties converge.

Rose is committed to redesigning an outerwear classic that truly knows no seasons, the Napapijri. In his capsule collection the references to hip-hop are wasted and even here they are useful to rejuvenate the evergreen bestseller of the Italian brand and to give it a completely new audience.

Did you think it was still the high school jock jacket? Think again.

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