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Not just the Simpsons, Scandal also predicted a lot of American politics
Not just the Simpsons, Scandal also predicted a lot of American politics

From press restrictions to rigged elections to Trump's advent: here's everything Scandal predicted about American politics

American politics is all too predictable apparently: Donald Trump's rise in politics, women's battles, the end of privacy in the face of national security - it was all written down.

Where is it? In the script of Scanda l, the tv series by Shonda Rhimes on the intrigues and vicissitudes of the White House, starring Kerry Washington as the fearless Olivia Pope.

For the more romantics, the show tells nothing but the love story between the former White House spokesman, now dedicated to resolving the image crises of the Washington elite, and the President of the United States, Fitzgerald Grant III.

The most cynical, however, will have noticed how, between one conspiracy and another, Shonda Rhimes has disseminated her creature of small prophecies, which have promptly come true. Just take a look at the last five seasons to find parallels between fiction and reality and allusions, not too veiled, about what could happen in the years to come.

The sixth season will arrive in Italy on FoxLife in the spring, with the final fight for the conquest of the White House.

Waiting to find out what other challenges await Olivia Pope and her Galdiators, (and what awaits us in real life at this point) we have collected, in the gallery, some of the prophecies of the series that have already come true.

Every time Scandal has predicted the future

kerry washington olivia pope scandal
In the final episode of the first season, the vice president's chief of staff delivers to the press an audio of President Grant having sex with someone (Olivia, of course). The case is solved thanks to the intervention of the First Lady, Mellie, who claims to be the woman on the registration and to be pregnant. Beyond the fairy tale, the story is quite similar to what happened to Trump a short time ago, when a recording emerged, unbeknownst to him, in which he used decidedly unflattering words about women and told about some of his sexual practices. Even then, the matter was hushed up fairly quickly.
hollis doyle scandal
The reference to Donald Trump in season five is all too evident, when lobbyist and tycoon Hollis Doyle suddenly decides to run for president. Mocked and underestimated for much of the electoral campaign ahead of the primaries, he earns points every time he comes out, to the sound of populism and slogans against immigrants. Does it remind you of anyone?
mellie grant senato
One of the most beautiful episodes of the series is the one in which Olivia and Mellie for once seem to be able to become friends, when the former First Lady, now a Senator, becomes the protagonist of the greatest obstruction ever seen, blocking a decree that reduced women's rights, especially regarding planned parenting. It so happens that the abolition of all forms of abortion and birth planning is one of the crucial points of Trump's campaign.
scandal olivia pope defiance
In the second season it is revealed that President Grant managed to win the election thanks to an electoral fraud by Olivia, Cyrus, Mellie, a judge of the Supreme Court and Hollis Doyle, a Texan lobbyist, who agrees to manipulate the voting machines. in exchange for advantageous contracts for his companies. Beyond the conspiracies, the story reconciles the controversy that arose in the aftermath of Donald Trump's elections on the possible intrusion of Russian spies who sanctioned the tycoon's victory. And then there is the appointment of Rex Tillerson, CEO of ExxonMobil, a company that has numerous interests in Russia, as Secretary of State.
fitz presidente scandal
In the third episode of the second season, Fitz and Olivia find themselves discussing a secret NSA program called "Thorngate" that would spy on citizens for security reasons related to the war on terror. A bit like what happened during the Obama administration, when it was discovered that the American National Security Agency was listening to phone calls from around the world.
james cyrus scandal
Throughout the series, reporters are often manipulated according to the needs of the White House. The story of James, Cyrus's journalist husband, is emblematic. In the second season she discovers her husband's atrocities, including the manipulation of the elections, and decides to shut up for the sake of the family. But when he gets involved in a plot to prevent Vice President Sally Langstone from running against the President, James decides to bring out the truth once and for all. And he's taken out by Jake. Fortunately, in reality we have not - yet - reached that much, but the hostility of the new President towards journalists is quite evident, even when it comes to his own media relations officer, given that he continues to prefer Twitter as a direct spokesperson..
fitz scandal
In the fourth season, Olivia Pope is kidnapped (for a plot hatched by the vice president) to force Fitz to declare war on West Angola. Blackmail to which the President yields, causing the death of several soldiers. A hypothesis not too far from reality, according to some. Think what Trump would do if one of his true loves (i.e. his business) were used to force him to make political or military choices.
mellie scandal gettysburger
In the fifteenth episode of the fifth season, Olivia forces Mellie to eat a hamburger with a common family at a well-known American fast food chain to win the sympathy of the voters, who considered her too snobbish and distant from their world. Too bad that the former First Lady indulges in one declaration too many, that he lies in front of the whole of America, when she declares that she is a regular visitor to Gettysburger on Sundays, which is actually closing day. Beyond the fool, there remains an underlying problem: it was easier for voters to believe that a billionaire man was a man of the people, unlike Hillary who has always been seen as belonging to an elite, just like Mellie.
kerry washington olivia pope vino
The only prophecy that Shonda Rhimes and the creators of "Scandal" have not been able to spot is the one concerning Trump's victory. In the series, at the end of the fifth season, Olivia manages to take out Hollis Doyle from the White House rush by wearing a microphone and airing a confession in which she taunts voters, claiming to only say what part of the people want to hear. While in real life this has not happened, as is well known.

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