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The most beautiful skiers of the 2017 World Championships
The most beautiful skiers of the 2017 World Championships

From the Italians Innerhofer and Thaler to the Norwegian Jansrud: thirteen beautiful reasons to follow the 2017 World Ski Championships (or to take a trip to St Moritz)

Skiers in women's magazines we always talk too little, but believe us: it is worth pausing at least a few moments.

Just focus on their high-performance bodies and always tanned faces, here - suddenly - the passion for slalom, downhill and all the other disciplines that involve a suit and boots grows.

Have we intrigued you? Then take note, because from 6 to 19 February in St. Moritz there are World Ski Championships 2017. And there you can admire them all.

We have already chosen our favorites. We present them to you in the gallery.

Who are the sexiest skiers of the 2017 World Championships

Innerhofer Christof
Christof Innerhofer - Italy
Marcel Hirscher
Marcel Hirscher - Austria
Adrien Theaux
Adrien Theaux - France
Dominik Paris
Dominik Paris - Italy
Ted Ligety
Ted Ligety - United States
Erik Guay
Erik Guay - Sweden
Felix Neureuther
Felix Neureuther - Germany
Alexis pinturault
Alexis Pinturault - France
kjeitl jansrud
Kjeitl Jansrud - Norway
patrick thaler
Patrick Thaler - Italy
Steven Nyman
Steven Nyman - United States
Thomas fanara
Thomas Fanara - France
Travis Ganong
Travis Ganong - United States

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