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Short silver gray hair: the silver between bob and pixie cut
Short silver gray hair: the silver between bob and pixie cut

Futuristic, robotic, avant-garde. THE short gray hair in the nuance silver they will make you look like something out of a science fiction novel by I saac Asimov or Philip K. Dick.

The white hair come on lunar glows And metallic demands net cuts And radicals, with well-defined geometries.

The pixie cut silver it is worn à la garçonne, with hair pulled back or reinventing the vintage waves of the 1920s, immersing yourself in the atmosphere of the iconic Metropolis movie.

The bob dare asymmetrical lengths or perfectly even, with fringe full to bring even very short.

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Short gray hair: the silver seen in the fashion show

capelli corti grigi costello tagliapietra
Short silver hair worn all the way back, for a slightly cheeky tomboy look.
Another version of a short silver cut with a combed back forelock, an extremely chic version of silver.
Falguni n Shane Peacock capelli corti grigi
The completely candid asymmetrical bob lights up with silver pearlescence.
Vivetta capelli corti grigi
The silver helmet moves with the forelock brought to the curtain.
Castelbajac capelli corti grigi
Platinum turns to silver and mixes with some black locks, for a game of contrasts.
Ermanno Scervino capelli corti grigi
The smooth bob with full fringe becomes less monotonous when worn in an unusual color such as silver.
Hemyca capelli corti grigi
The "bowl" cut becomes futuristic if it is dyed with a silver color.
John Galliano capelli corti grigi
The contemporary interpretation of the short vintage wave cut winks at robotics, thanks to the silver with metallic flashes.
Akris_ham capelli tagli asimmetrici
A soft interpretation of the silver color that highlights the geometric lines of the cut.
Threeasfour capelli corti grigi
Glacé platinum becomes even more glacial when paired with a perfectly even cut.
Victor-De-Souza capelli corti grigi
The short cut with even very short bangs evokes the atmosphere of science fiction novels.

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