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Too many couple selfies put the relationship at risk
Too many couple selfies put the relationship at risk

If you are one of those who do nothing but take selfies as a couple to post on social media, know that you may have a problem. We don't say it, but science supports it.

According to a study, in fact, those who show (too much) love on Facebook, Instagram and Co. are precisely those who have a less solid bond with their partner, because expressing their feelings online would be a symptom of insecurity: "Those who post more seek confirmations on own relationship. Receiving 'likes' and comments from others is reassuring, it is letting others judge the love you are experiencing ".

Other research has also shown how jealousy and self-esteem or stability problems actually hide behind the photos and hearts on display.

In the gallery we explain why.

Below, however, we suggest the attitudes to avoid on Facebook on Valentine's Day (as a couple or not).

Because couples who take too many selfies aren't happy

  • All smoke and little roast Writing love messages on your boyfriend's wall, posting hearts and photos always together, spreading your love online in everyone's face, is not a symptom of happiness. On the contrary. Often behind this need to show oneself there is some problem in the relationship. To support this thesis are many.

  • Appearance is not everything This thesis is supported in particular by the Australian sexologist Nikki Goldstein, who explained the result of her analysis to the Daily Mail: «It is often those who post more who seek confirmation of their relationship. Receiving 'likes' and comments from others is reassuring, it is letting others judge the love you are experiencing, "he explains.

  • The importance of the moment The doctor emphasizes how her study focuses on those couples who can't help but take pictures and post them on social media, on every occasion: "There are people who are much more committed to taking a couple selfie, to choose the filter more effective, to select the best hashtags than to enjoy the moment. In this way, taking selfies is no longer aimed at having a good memory of the day ».

  • The aggravating circumstance If you also add captions such as "my man" or "my baby" (and so on) to the photos, then the situation is even more serious than you might think. Also according to Dr. Goldstein, this kind of appellations, preceded by the adjective, indicate possessiveness and the need for control.

  • Under the eyes of all In support of the Australian sexologist's thesis, a study published in Personality and Social Psychology Bullettin, according to which the more people are insecure about their partner's feelings towards them, the more they are inclined to post images on social media to legitimize their relationship in front of them. to others and feel safer.

  • A question of self-esteem Another study, conducted by Florida State University, claims that the happier people are with their physical appearance, the more photos they post on social media. On the other hand, however, there is that posting selfies receiving comments and approval, can trigger quarrels within the couple, due to jealousy and possessiveness.

  • Question of insecurity On the other hand, it could be the opposite hypothesis and that is that those who tend to involve the partner in continuous expressions of love, with relative sharing on social networks, are in reality not sure of the feelings that the other person has towards them and seeks to legitimize their history. At least that's what another research published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin claims: the more insecure you are about your relationship, the more you post content on social media.

  • The reflection under the sheets If to what has been said so far, you add moments of separate leisure on social media when you go to bed, the omelette is done. One study claims that about 75% of cohabiting couples go to bed at separate times and this affects the relationship little by little. Even worse is the case of those who, before saying goodnight, spend time on Instagram and Facebook to watch others and take it away from their partner.

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