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Cherry bombre hair, the gradient red hair dye to try
Cherry bombre hair, the gradient red hair dye to try

A sophisticated shade of red that fades into the dark hair. Absolutely to try

Intended and original, cherry bombre hair is a cherry red hair color with burgundy shades, perfect for enhancing naturally brown or dark hair.

The cherry bombre color, in fact, developed for the first time by star colorist Beth Minardi, enriches dark hair with reflections with the balayage technique, which provides a natural base shaded along the lengths to the tips with contrasting shades.

This hair look is perfect for enhancing long hair, but it can also be very interesting on medium haircuts. Find out how to wear it, with wavy, straight or curly hair, browsing the gallery.

Cherry Bombre the hair color to try

cherry bombre colore capelli (2)
Cherry Bombre: the base of the hair is dark, while red shades slip through the lengths that gradually intensify towards the tips.
cherry bombre colore capelli (8)
The shades of cherry bombre hair color acquire an even more sophisticated allure thanks to the wavy styling.
cherry bombre colore capelli (6)
This shade also looks great on medium hair, why not try it?
cherry bombre colore capelli (3)
This color is ideal on brown and black hair, because it manages to infuse the nuance in a naturally chic way.
cherry bombre colore capelli (9)
If the classic cherry bombre boasts shades of cherry red and burgundy - better known as burgundy - it is possible to play with this color even with incursions of fuchsia and magenta.
cherry bombre colore capelli (10)
Here is a very intense cherry bombre color, with a natural dark base and sinuous lengths in shades of bright red.
cherry bombre colore capelli (11)
Burgundy red shaded with the balayage technique towards fiery red. Hot!
cherry bombre colore capelli (12)
Colors like this are ideal for creating sophisticated hairdo, like the chignon, because the nuance makes the simplest of sophisticated looks.
cherry bombre colore capelli (1)
A cherry bombre effect balayage.
cherry bombre colore capelli (4)
Very interesting even on straight hair, this color can also be enriched with shades that turn to honey blonde.
cherry bombre colore capelli (5)
Cherry bombre dye on curly, extra voluminous hair.
cherry bombre colore capelli (7)
This color proposal can also be discreet, playing on very light shades that give a natural effect.

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