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Apps, books, games, music: what to download to make time fly by on the go
Apps, books, games, music: what to download to make time fly by on the go

Movies, TV series, games, books and apps: here is everything you should download before leaving so as not to get bored during the trip

When you face a travel by train or plane, boredom is always around the corner.

The magazines or the magazines of puzzles always keep us busy too little and then here we find ourselves trying to sleep to pass the time, with relative stiff neck that will keep us company for the rest of the journey.

If this scenario is familiar to you, then it's time to change and play out (and anticipate) to get ready for departure.

You find a wifi, which we tell you what to download before leaving to make time fly.

Music, books and movies to download before a trip

eminem cuffie musica
After the success of "Finding Nemo" it is now time to focus on the adventures of the forgetful little fish, who remembers having had a family and sets off to try to find it. At his side Marlin and many new friends. Duration: 105 minutes
  • gioco seta

    Black Mirror A series outside the classic television canons, which does not include a continuous story, but many separate episodes with a single common theme: the evolution of society with respect to technology. With all that comes with it. A glimpse, not too far from reality, of what our lives could become - soon -. Seeing is believing. The first season, after all, is three episodes. Duration of the first season: 135 minutes

  • melissa mccarty cuffie aereo

    breaking Bad It is among the series that has created the most addiction among its fans, perhaps because it deals with drugs and a chemistry professor who finds himself producing methamphetamine, convinced that he will have to die shortly thereafter. The first season consists of 7 episodes. Duration: 5 hours and 15 minutes

  • Narcos The rise and domination of Pablo Escobar, the Medellin cartel and the fight with the DEA have captured the attention of thousands, fascinated by the true story of the rampant spread of cocaine between the United States and Europe in the 1980s. The first season will capture you, along with the quotes from Pablo, for all ten episodes. Duration: 7 hours and 30 minutes

  • Games and Apps You've read, watched a movie, and got hooked on a new series, and now you need some entertainment to wipe out your cognitive abilities. Then throw yourself into a game of those that don't need a neuron. Or alternatively, an App that can be useful once you arrive at your destination, such as tripadvisor maps to be viewed even offline.

  • Crossy Road A great classic of mobile games. You don't need big skills, just quick reflexes and a quick thumb to make the frog or pet of your choice jump at the right time, trying not to let it get underneath. Recommended time: half an hour
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