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The best races to do this spring
The best races to do this spring

The best way to get back in shape in view of the summer is to run: to (re) find the desire after the holidays, choose a race to prepare for!

The spring races they seem to be made on purpose to help those who have gone into hibernation to get up from the sofa and tie their running shoes on their feet in view of the summer.

Deciding to participate in a race (perhaps outside the city) as well as fun, can also become a stimulating goal for those (re) starting and those who want to continue and improve.

Between relay marathons, half marathons and runs of various distances, there is something for runners of all levels, for those looking for a reason to get off the sofa as well as for those who already run, and want to see the efforts of training rewarded with a medal around his neck.

Signing up for a race is the energy fuel you need not to give up and to do better and better!

Browse the gallery and choose the one that's right for you.

The most beautiful races and races of spring

On Sunday 5 March 2017 on the shores of Lake Maggiore you can choose to run the competitive 21 km, the competitive 10 and the non-competitive 10.
On Sunday 5th March the snake of the crazy runner race like a Deejay starts from Bari and then reaches Florence and Milan (in autumn). Registrations are already open!
On Sunday 19th March the most popular race in Milan returns with its three distances: 10 km, 5 km and the 21 km of the Stramilano half marathon starting from Piazza Castello.
Sunday 2 April a run in the Eternal City, a full immersion in the history and art of that open-air museum that is the capital. In addition to the 42 km marathon, the possibility of running a 5 km just for fun in the historic center, completely closed to traffic, for the duration of the event.
On Sunday 2 April 2017 the Milan marathon will be staged, with a single route, which can also be run in teams in the relay race. The Charity Program is the great solidarity project created and supported by Milano Marathon that allows all runners to run for a Non-Profit Organization and to help it collect donations. Marathon runners and relay runners have the opportunity to support one of the non-profit organizations participating in the Charity Program, thus adding to the pleasure of running also that of doing good.
Sunday 23 April the capital of Spain dresses up for the traditional city race which in addition to the 42 km offers runners the opportunity to live and run through the streets of the center and surroundings even on the average distance of 21 km and on the shortest route from 10 km. There is also a walk for those who do not run but love Fit walking.
Sunday 23 April the spectacular race, unique of its kind, returns because it takes place on the road that runs along Lake Iseo. The route enhances the beauty of the lake views of the Bergamo side, which follow one another rapidly, emphasizing colors, vegetation and fauna. In addition to the 26km long distance, there is a short 6km ride.
Sunday 23 April 2017 you can choose between a 42 km and an average of 21 km between the streets and the most beautiful views of the city of Padua and its surroundings. But not only that, the event is also enriched with other distances with the Stracittadine, non-competitive races of 10, 5 and 1 kilometer combined with the Padua Marathon.
Sunday, April 30, the Rimini Marathon is an opportunity to play sports, but also to spend a weekend of relaxation and well-being on the beautiful and welcoming Riviera. The choice is between 42km and 16km (10 miles).
On Sunday 30 April, the half marathon, the 10 km or the 5 km non-competitive race will be run in Chia, in Sardinia, all dedicated to sea lovers and to those who want to experience the extraordinary sporting experience of running in the suggestive scenery of southern Sardinia, among the wonders of the Mediterranean scrub, the colors of the sea and the mild spring climate.
Sunday, May 7, the race will take place to raise funds for research into spinal cord injuries. In Milan as in the rest of the world, on different distances (5 km, 10km, or a 42 marathon), the start of the runners is at 11.00 exactly and 30 minutes later it is the turn of the Catcher Cars that will start in pursuit of the participants until all are reached. 100% of the registration fees will be donated to the research projects of the Wings for Life Foundation.
Sunday 7 May a city event for everyone: from the half marathon to the non-competitive 5 km running initiative, from the Minimarathon Pedibus or walk of the associations to the Corri in Armonia scheduled for Saturday 6 May for charity.
5, 3 km non-competitive in the heart of many Italian cities at 5.30 on a working day to promote a healthy lifestyle through movement, food, culture, art and experience, in the context in which people live and work. All this, with a sustainable zero-impact event. The 2017 tour has already started: Verona (May 12) will run first, followed by Milan (May 19), Turin (May 26), Modena (June 1), Bologna (June 9), Ferrara (June 16), Mantua (23 June), Reggio Emilia (30 June), Riva del Garda (7 July), Venice (14 July).
Sunday 14 May the great 10 km race in Turin turns 40 this year! A race to enjoy the city - as well as the most loved race by the Turinese - open to all and within the reach of all runners and enthusiasts.
Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 May Lugano becomes the running capital for two days! The two-day program includes a 21 km half marathon (which can also be run in 3 relay runners), a 10 km City Run, a 5 km Run4Charity for mothers with strollers, grandparents with grandchildren, extended families, teenagers and adults together. for an evening dedicated to solidarity and a Kids Run (Saturday 20 May) over three distances for children and teenagers aged 8 to 16.
In June, the exact date has not yet been set, but the organizational machine of the pink race that opens the summer season has already started. For all runners who want to train in a group, the invitation is to participate in Run4me 2017, a training plan dedicated to the well-being and safety of all women, structured in weekly meetings, designed to lead each to establish and achieve their own personal goal.

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