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1997 is the coolest year of the 90s
1997 is the coolest year of the 90s

Movies, sex symbols, music and events that changed the world: here's everything you don't remember (but you should) from 1997

1997 it was a year that in many ways marked a turning point at a macro-cultural level from many points of view, and after which the world has never been the same.

Twenty years later, we retrace it (with a lot of nostalgia), remembering the protagonists of the music, television, film and news scene, to experience first-hand a series of changes whose repercussions are still visible today.

Browse the gallery and try not to get too moved!

What happened in 1997

17_Il libro
In the United Kingdom, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone is released, the first of a series of seven novels written and conceived by the British writer J. K. Rowling, which have the young wizard Harry Potter as the protagonist. The book is an incredible success with nearly 120 million copies sold worldwide and a lot of prizes; the rest - starting with the 2001 film version by Chris Columbus - is history.
14_Il gioco
1997 is officially the year of virtual pets: Tamagotchi, Nano Pet and Giga Pet become in a certain sense the precursors of today's smartphone, because obsessive attention was needed in order not to attack the (fake) existence of the (fake) puppy..
15_La tecnologia
Staying (more or less) on the subject of smartphones, Steve Jobs makes his victorious return to Apple as CEO after leaving the company twelve years earlier, and from then on the technology as we knew it would never be the same again.. Fortunately.
1_I blockbuster
The blockbuster films of 1997 are milestones: The Lost World - Jurassic Park (sequel to its successful 1993 predecessor, both signed by Steven Spielberg), Men in Black by Barry Sonnenfeld, which marks the consecration of Will Smith and, of course Titanic. Which in addition to having in turn drown the female audience in their tears, will remain the greatest film ever until 2009, when it will be surpassed by Avatar, by director James Cameron himself.
2_Il sex symbol
According to People, there is no doubt: the Sexiest Man Alive of the year works in the emergency room of the University Polyclinic in Chicago and goes by the name of Doug Ross … er, George Clooney.
3_Le grandi conquiste
The covers of Sport Illustrated certainly need no introduction, but - as many have denounced in the past - they were not immune from a certain dose of racism in the choice of their protagonists. Until 1997, when Tyra Banks is the first African American model to appear alone and in all her beauty on the cover of the issue dedicated to bikinis.
(FILES) The “Spice girls” pose for photo
The Spice Girls were the most famous pop group in the world, and their debut album, Spice, became the best-selling of the year. If today we talk about feminism and Girl Power, (a little bit) we also owe it to the five spicy girls.
5_La hit
Elton John, on the occasion of the death of Princess Diana, rewrites his single dated 1973, Candle in the Wind as a tribute to his missing friend. This new version of the song becomes the second best-selling single of all time, after Bing Crosby's White Christmas.
6_Il cartone animato
South Park, the cartoon created and voiced by Matt Stone and Trey Parker, debuts in the United States on Comedy Central, and quickly becomes the most controversial television series ever to be shown on television screens.
9_Il coming out
Actress, comedian, voice actress and TV host Ellen DeGeneres publicly comes out, declaring her homosexuality during an episode of her sitcom, Ellen. Although later - after the cancellation of the show - he encountered difficulties in receiving new job offers, he returned to the limelight in 2003 with the Ellen DeGeneres Show, and became a reference point for the LGBT community.
10_La rottura
They were one of the most envied, copied and paparazzi couples in the world, but like many stories that made us dream, this one also comes to an end: Brad Pitt and Gwyneth Paltrow break up after two and a half years of love and ending the engagement announced there. 'last year.
11_Il Golden Globe
It's a golden year for Madonna, whose performance in Alan Parker's biopic Evita - a film adaptation of the musical of the same name composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice - earned her a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical.
12_Il tormentone
The Aqua release the single Barbie Girl, which in a very short time becomes a real catchphrase. After that, the pneumatic vacuum.
16_La svolta
Jennifer Lopez plays Selena Quintanilla Pérez in the film Selena by Gregory Nava, which focuses on the life of the Mexican singer, killed only 24 years old by her manager: the interpretation is so convincing that it nominates the semi-unknown J. Lo to the Golden Globes as best actress in a drama the following year. He won't win, but his career took off from there unstoppably.

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