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Anti-pollution skincare, products to protect the skin
Anti-pollution skincare, products to protect the skin

The best products to strengthen the skin's defenses and make it more beautiful and healthy

Those who live in the city know it well,pollution has devastating effects on our skin. Dull complexion, asphyxiated, reactive and sensitized skin, rough texture, premature aging, impurities e enlarged pores are common problems for those who live surrounded by smog.

In this case, we get invaluable help from a thorough skincare, with products chosen specifically for theirs anti-pollution properties. The complexes of active ad antioxidant action they protect the skin from the aggression of external agents and fight oxidative stress.

Also do not forget i purifying treatments and pay attention to the cleansing. Both are essential steps to free the pores of the skin from bacteria and impurities deposited by pollution.

Browse the gallery to discover the top products of anti pollution skincare that we have selected for you.

Anti-pollution skincare: the products not to be missed

Moisturizing cream with a fluid consistency, based on antioxidant active ingredients, able to protect sensitive skin against the aggression of external agents.
niod skincare
A delicate creamy cleanser based on the principles of Ayurveda. It cleanses without removing the skin's natural lipid film, but deeply cleanses, freeing the pores of impurities and bacteria.
tata harper
Purifying mask with detox action, with only natural ingredients, to counteract the "gray" effect caused by pollution. Decongest and protect the skin's defenses thanks to probiotics.
sunday riley
A multi-tasking treatment that promises a "perfect", luminous and even complexion skin. Contains a complex of anti-aging active ingredients to combat oxidative stress caused by environmental agents.
elizabeth arden prevage
A serum formulated specifically for city life, to combat the damage caused by pollution at 360 °. Based on antioxidant active ingredients, a complex of enzymes to protect the cellular structure and SPF 50.
To eliminate all traces of impurities and smog from our skin, cleansing is a fundamental step. The micellar water purifies in depth quickly, without the need to rinse.
A serum that is a concentrate of anti-age defense active ingredients. Thanks to the combination of grape polyphenols and vitamin C it carries out an intense antioxidant action, to protect the skin from the aggression of external agents.
A multi-protection screen against city pollution, responsible for premature skin aging. Counteracts the formation of free radicals and protects with a high SPF 50 protection.
Pollution causes hypersensitivity and inflammatory states in the skin. This moisturizer soothes, repairs and restores the skin to its optimal condition.
dr brandt
Among the effects of pollution on the skin, there is the problem of enlarged and clogged pores. This salicylic acid-based treatment has an antibacterial action and removes impurities from the pores, making them appear less visible.
ren skincare
Ultra-fast acting shock treatment to combat the gray and dull complexion caused by pollution, based on vitamin C for an energy boost.
Anti-pollution face mask that creates a defense shield based on natural antioxidant extracts, to regenerate the skin and protect it with a protective film.
Oil free moisturizing cream that protects the skin from the aggression of external agents, preserving the hydrolipidic barrier.

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