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Makeup fixing spray: for a long-lasting make-up
Makeup fixing spray: for a long-lasting make-up

One vaporization is enough to extend the duration of the make-up. Thanks to the best fixing sprays

The makeup fixing spray represents the finishing touch to achieve flawless make-up for longer.

The final gesture is represented by the vaporization on the face after the make-up of a light beauty water rich in moisturizing ingredients that creates a protective film that prevents external agents from attacking both the make-up and the skin.

Choosing to nebulize these delicate mists will allow you to extend the duration of make up and to preserve the level of hydration or to control the excessive production of sebum. An instant action for a long-lasting result.

Discover the make-up fixing sprays to try in the gallery.

The make-up fixing sprays to try

is a multitasking water, ideal as a primer before make-up and perfect for fixing it, giving hydration and energy to the skin.
it is available in three variants: the first guarantees an extreme hold of the make-up, the second fixes it giving freshness and hydration, while the third controls excess sebum.
it vaporizes on the skin a reformulated impalpable fixing water, rich in Aloe Vera and Allantoin to moisturize and soothe the skin and characterized by an anti-pollution complex.
creates a light and invisible film composed of active moisturizing ingredients that protects the skin and make-up from external aggressions.
it is available in the Matte variant, for those who love opaque complexions, and Dewy, for those who prefer a luminous face.
extends the duration of the make-up for a perfect make-up up to 16 hours.
creates a thin film on the face that fixes the make-up without drying the skin.
it has a transparent fragrance-free formula that creates a protective veil on the face.
performs three actions: that of primer to create a perfect make-up base, that of a fixer as a final gesture and that of refreshing water to vaporize during the day.

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