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The new clubs and restaurants to try in Milan in 2017
The new clubs and restaurants to try in Milan in 2017

From snack to after dinner, ten new clubs and restaurants to try in Milan: between pizza, cocktails, ravioli and desserts there is something for all tastes and budgets

This list is for real foodie geeks, those of you who can't help but try out all the new club and restaurant openings in town.

Since there are so many, so as not to lose count and not to forget anything, we have compiled a list of the unmissable ones, the ones you absolutely must try in 2017.

Among the many innovations in the panorama of Milan to (eat and) drink in recent months, we have selected and collected those that - in our opinion - are the most noteworthy, those that this city really lacked (such as bubble tea and Hawaiian poke) and the great classics (such as pizza).

In short, as usual, there is something for all tastes and budgets. And we did not miss even the cocktails since, you know, Milan is always the city of aperitifs!

No ranking, but a heterogeneous and varied list of proposals to be discovered for those who are always looking for new flavors but also remain in love with tradition and - above all - want to eat and drink well!

Find everything in the gallery.

Bars and restaurants to try in Milan in 2017

In the lively Isola district, everything moves. There are many new openings and, among the many, we can only recommend Berberé, a fabulous pizza that everyone can enjoy from September 2016! Lovers of gourmet pizza, the alternative to the classic Neapolitan (which we always like so much) will certainly already know it. For everyone else: what are you waiting for when booking a table? Here everything is research, from the dough to the ingredients through to the combinations of flavors, always innovative and never out of place. Ah, on a positive note: the prices. Honest for a truly above average offer.
In Milan, by now we are used to it, the burgers have been sprouting like mushrooms for a few years. Last year, however, one opening among all deserves an honorable mention: Morso. Yes, because this gourmet burger shop, which has been open for a few months now in the historic Brera district, offers delicious sandwiches. We like it for the food, which is of great quality, and for the never banal combinations - but we also like it so much for the setting made of white marble that recalls the butchers of the past. A must try!
Ramen Misoya
Officina Cocktail Bar - via Giovenale, 7In this place that we could certainly count among the brightest alcoholic novelties in Milan, liquid luxury is about. Cocktails that cost up to 40 euros. And they are worth them. Research, ingredients of the highest quality, perfect balances. In short, 10 and praise cocktails immersed in a slightly grunge environment that we like a lot.

La Nuova Ravioleria Sarpi
New Ravioleria Sarpi - Via Paolo Sarpi 27 A few steps from the old headquarters, the new Sarpi ravioli shop has been peeping out for a few months. A success announced already with the first opening, thanks to the highest quality raw materials deriving from nothing less than the butcher shop of Walter Sirtori (symbol of the Milanese tradition since 1951) and thanks to the creative genius of Hujian, known to most as Agie (the part Chinese Golden Couple). Success, in short, derives from the literal mix of Chinese recipes and creativity with the finest Italian meat. Not only ravioli but also the Peking crepe and, in this new place, rolls and bao. In short, many delights to be enjoyed at any time of the day, ready and seasoned or to be cooked at home. An unprecedented entrepreneurial project, whose success is sanctioned every day by the long line of hungry people who patiently wait their turn. Believe us, this Italian-Chinese street food is certainly worth the wait!

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