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H&M Home: 20 pieces from spring summer 2017 to buy now
H&M Home: 20 pieces from spring summer 2017 to buy now

Pastel colors, some moderate forays into tropical and a splash of gold and black for the new spring summer collection by H&M Home. Here are 20 pieces to buy now

For the world of furniture design it is already spring and H&M Home presents his collection for the spring summer 2017.

If last year it was a triumph of bright and full colors, such as pink and emerald green, for this 2017 the inspiration does not change, but it loses vividness. The nuances are always the same, so dear to the Swedish low cost brand, but this time declined in their clearest, pastel and desaturated varieties.

A few touches of contrasting gold and black are inevitable, but for a collection that as a whole is no longer markedly ethnic, but more natural, feminine and sunny.

Discover with us a preview of the most beautiful pieces of the new one H&M Home spring summer 2017 and get ready for some shopping.

H&M Home: 20 pieces from spring summer 2017 to buy now

Tropical pattern on the cushion cover.
A few small touches of gold are inevitable, this season with more moderation.
Green. mint, delicate and feminine, for the carpet runner.
Natural colors and stone effect for the toothbrush holder in the bathroom.
A door declined in various shades of pink appears on the shower curtain.
Candy pink also for the little box, all in glazed ceramic.
One of the musts of the season? The cushion with tassels, here in mint green.
A touch of black for the cotton plaid, perfect for interiors but also for the outdoors.
A warm and sunny yellow for the bed linen.
Soft and enveloping the pastel pink plaid.
News also for the scents of the candles, which maintain the classic glass glass declined in new colors and essences.
Mint green - one of the collection's favorite colors - for the ceramic breakfast bowl.
Tropical fantasy on the laundry basket.
The cover of the yellow ocher cushion.
It is the year of a more discreet and refined tropical, in this case to color the complete bed.
A touch of black also on the sheets.
Pink is also used on the bedroom carpet.
And there is also space for stripes, declined in black and white and to be strictly combined with pastel colors.
Like a small sun, the golden wall mirror.
A box carries everything in pink painted wood.

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