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Ruby Rose hair: 10 transformations up to the short cut
Ruby Rose hair: 10 transformations up to the short cut

Icon of style and unconventional beauty, Ruby Rose has conquered everyone, even with her hair looks

2017 will be the year of Ruby Rose.

We will be able to admire its charm in three cinematic films and appreciate its beauty, so unique that it breaks every pattern.

Who is Ruby Rose

The Australian actress, TV presenter, model and DJ has become known to international audiences thanks to her participation in the original Netflix series Orange is the new black, which has further established her as one of the most influential LGBT personalities in the world.

Movie of the year

In 2017 we find it in the movies Resident Evil: The Final Chapter together with Milla Jovovich, in xXx - The return of Xander Cage with Vin Diesel and in John Wick: Chapter 2 along with Keanu Reeves.

Unique style

It combines tomboyish looks and femininity in an explosive mix that has not gone unnoticed in Hollywood.

Testimonial beauty

Beauty icon, Ruby Rose was chosen by Maybelline NY and later by Urban Decay as a face for the launch of the Deputy Lipstick.

The evolution of the look

Come on make up by Ruby Rose up to the transformism in terms of hair: from long to platinum, to red, to lilac up to the short raven black hair that has become her signature look.

Discover the evolution of Ruby Rose's hair in the gallery.

Ruby Rose hair: from long to short

Full bangs and extra black long hair.
The side braids come together in a low ponytail and the nuance is ash blonde.
Go to the change of look with a clean cut with mini central crest and platinum blonde hair.
Not styled in the mini crest, the hair in the center of the head gives volume and creates a tuft on the forehead.
Change the color, but not the gritty look.
Feminine and sophisticated with Titian blonde hair combed back.
Cute and girly hair look with lilac nuance.
The bowl cut was a perfect on-trend choice for Ruby Rose.
His most famous haircut? A raven pixie that has become iconic.
The pixie is made more aggressive by the geometric details created by shaving sections of hair.

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