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If he seems crazy to you, maybe he's (just) going through the 30-year crisis
If he seems crazy to you, maybe he's (just) going through the 30-year crisis

No longer (only) midlife crisis, today men also suffer from the crisis of 30 years: here's how to recognize the symptoms

The 30-year crisis exists and it is claiming more and more victims among men: when it arrives it overwhelms everything and everyone, even the feelings, and often brings down long-term relationships that seemed stable and destined to last forever.

Men start wondering what they want from life, whether to grow up or go back to being teenagers, start a family or keep organizing afterwards, and questions like these question many spheres of their love life and can cause a real earthquake.

There are unequivocal symptoms to understand if your boyfriend is suffering from this apparently incurable disease - scroll through the gallery and save whoever can!

Symptoms that he is going through the crisis of 30 years

ha bisogno dei suoi spazi
On any given day, after years of living together, he will come out with this fantastic phrase that means everything and nothing considering that he already goes to play soccer, to see matches and to the gym. Who, by chance, wants to build a kind of wall in the house to divide its spaces from yours? Be careful because you may find yourself pushed aside in your home and this is not nice.
sta pensando di staccare da tutto e da tutti
And this indirectly involves you too, not because you are not a wonderful thing, but because he needs to make a clean break, and running away seems to him a very intelligent and very, very mature solution. It is possible that this prompts him to get on a sailboat and stop reporting him for weeks. He will tell you that he needed to do it.
non sa se è pronto per impegnarsi
Or rather, the rational part of him is and he would like a family, children and a station wagon, but there is a part of him that would like to escape like a gazelle in the savannah, run and run without ever stopping. He will try to please you for a while, until he tells you that he cannot handle the weight of other responsibilities and that you are too demanding.
And there they are, armies of big fat males who are in their thirties and feel crushed by this giant monster called depression. They thought they knew what they wanted from life, they thought they had it all but then one day they woke up and decided that something wasn't clear, that something was making them sad, that you couldn't make them happier and that the only safe place. it was the sofa at home. And you, young and smart companions, you can't do anything about it.
crede di non meritarvi
And he will do everything to confirm it, he will try to prove it to you in every way and to make you put pen to paper that he is not the man for you, it is a kind of ploy to clear your conscience and get dumped. Of course, because during their crisis they can't really make decisions, they can't carry the weight, that is definitely up to you, and once again, you.
deve ritrovarsi all’infuori da voi
He's spent the last few years with only one woman and now it seems like a great idea to start being an incurable selfish asshole, and he likes it so much that he can't stop his destructive force. He cannot tell you where he is, if he will come home and he cannot call you because respecting you means putting you before him and this can no longer happen, it would be unforgivable for his new scale of values.
non sa cosa vuole dalla vita
He believed he knew, that he had everything, that he was happy. Then suddenly, one day, he woke up and felt empty, lost, in the wrong place, like little thumb without his bits of bread. The reason is inscrutable and cannot be rationally analyzed, it will tell you things like: "It's as if my navigator broke."
sta bene solo con i suoi amici
The male universe understands his bewilderment and consoles him, only you cannot understand him and cry with him. Why can't you understand that he needs to stop and run away from responsibility? Do you want to scold him too and force him to grow up? You are very bad.
vi ama ma non ha la forza
He can't do it, he must first put himself, then understand what he wants, then go back to being twenty, even get some university and then be able to really put the word game over on his love life and accept to grow. If in the meantime you want to wait for him you will do him a favor, if not amen.
non riesce a non farvi del male
It is not his fault, some kind of extraterrestrial force forces him to behave badly with the universe around him. He does not want to, indeed he is also sorry but it is as if he were possessed by an external and paranormal force, he is not master of his actions, for this he apologizes constantly.

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