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Creams, serums and night masks: the novelties to try
Creams, serums and night masks: the novelties to try

Creams, serums and masks that work at night to get more results from the active ingredients. Find out which ones to choose with our selection

It is scientifically proven that the night it is the ideal time for beauty treatments. During the night phase, cell regeneration makes the skin more predisposed to incorporate the ingredients and active ingredients present in creams, serums and masks.

You can apply only serum and cream on the face, or you can spread on the face, clean and without make-up, a mask that works all night. The result? The next morning the skin is more beautiful and regenerated.

Do you want to try new products? Look at our gallery and choose the creams, serums and masks that are right for you.

Creams, serums and night masks: 12 proposals to try immediately

is an anti-aging treatment. The main active ingredient is Papaya which eliminates dead skin cells without attacking it, while vegetable glycerin, sorbitol, glucose and ultra-concentrated hyaluronic acid are super moisturizing.
AVENE PHYSIOLIFT_NOTTE Balsamo levigante rigenerante
reduces wrinkles and strengthens skin tone thanks to the combined action of AscofyllineTM, Mono-Oligomers of Hyaluronic Acid and Retinaldehyde which improve cell renewal. Ideal for the most sensitive skin.
Moonlight cream_low
it has an enveloping texture that creates a film on the skin facilitating the release, during the hours of sleep, of its regenerating and anti-wrinkle active ingredients. At the same time, it stimulates the production of Collagen and Elastin and makes the skin soft and hydrated.
it is enriched with a Collagen stimulator complex that acts as a real skin "trainer", instantly filling deficiencies and stimulating its production night after night.
BAKEL Oxyregen
promotes cellular oxygenation and stimulates a revitalizing action thanks to the biotechnological complex it contains which activates the skin's natural regenerative capacity. Finally, Jojoba and Avocado oil have a strong elasticizing and anti-aging action.
Huile de Nuit Nourrissante Vinosource packshot
is a velvety treatment rich in moisturizing and antioxidant active ingredients. It is a subtle oil that blends with the skin, repairing it from the stress of the day.
Creamy night mask moisturizing & plumping_HD
it is rich in hyaluronic acid, which carries out an intense moisturizing action for a skin that looks plumped also thanks to its ultra-melting creamy texture. Use it a couple of times a week.
Tony Moly – panda’s dream white sleeping pack
is a luminosity revealing night mask. Moisturizes and acts on blemishes for a radiant and plumped skin thanks to botanical extracts. Apply a thin layer before going to sleep and rinse the next morning.
HR – pot spatule Prodigy nuit (DBD)
it is enriched in Edelweiss extract and in plant mother cells, which help to counteract the effects of SASP, a set of pro-aging factors. Its soft texture makes application very pleasant.
TonyMoly – magic food banana sleeping pack
is based on Banana and Chamomile extracts for plumped and radiant skin. Its delicious scent provides a pleasant sensation, for a moment of greedy well-being.
Erborian – BB Sleeping Mask
gives a boost of energy to tired skin. Thanks to its "enveloping" effect, this night mask acts during sleep for a soft face upon awakening. Apply it in a very thin layer and use it a couple of times a week or in times of great stress or fatigue.

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