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Eye make-up: 12 make-ups to try immediately
Eye make-up: 12 make-ups to try immediately

Twelve eye make-ups to try immediately using eye shadows, eyeliner and pencils. Our selection

If so smokey eyes and the eye makeup most loved by beauty addicts, theeyeliner seems to be the preferred product for creating high-impact or, on the contrary, minimal make-up.

The colors range from electric blue to light blue up to pastel shades with a luminous finish chosen to color the entire eyelid and combined with a line of black pencil. Finally, purple and burgundy give life to more daring combinations for an unusual but always very glam make-up.

Do you want to try a new one glam eye make-up? We have selected 12 proposals to try immediately.

Browse the gallery and let yourself be inspired.

Eye make-up: 12 proposals to experiment immediately

Two must-have shades in this period: choose the darker eyeshadow for the outer part of the eye and blend it to lengthen the gaze.
A shade of blue that is perfect for both those with light irises and those with dark eyes. The peculiarity of this make up? The eyeliner draws the outer part of the eye by touching the lower rim. Ideal for giving depth.
Why settle for just one color? Choose an electric blue eyeliner to draw a line at the lashline and then use a black one to create a matte line.
Fluo and matte, it is blurred along the entire eye contour and on the eyelid in an uneven manner. Very cool, this eye makeup should be combined with a nude lipstick.
Not the usual way to use a black pencil or liner. The graphic look is the protagonist of the make-up also this season.
To recreate this beauty look, use a powder or a cream eyeshadow and apply it all over the inner and central part of the eyelid until it fades gently on the outside. Then take a black powder and blend it along the crease and corner of the eye.
A makeup with a vintage finish. Try to replicate it with a delicate pastel lilac powder, preferably opaque, which should be blended with a medium brush along the contour.
If the lids are enlivened by a purple hue, the lashes are in the foreground thanks to a lengthening mascara in electric blue.
To lengthen the gaze, use two pencils, one purple on the outer bottom and one blue along the corner of the eye, slightly shaded in the crease of the eyelid. The inside is illuminated by a delicate blue powder and shimmer.
A cascade of silver glitter puts the eyes in the foreground.
Seventies and geometric mood for this eye makeup. Apply an opaque blue powder all over the eyelid and draw a black or blue line in the lower rim.
Full color make up. An eyeshadow between blue and super shimmer gray highlights the entire eyelid. A black tail lengthens the gaze.

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