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Regenerating facial treatments, the best to try now
Regenerating facial treatments, the best to try now

Among the latest trends in facial beauty care, there is certainly the aim of cell renewal and all those products that stimulate the cell turnover.

THE regenerating face treatments they contain a complex of active ingredients (from hyaluronic acid to peptides, vitamins and alpha hydroxy acids) which, in synergy, are able to promote the natural regeneration of cells, the production of collagen and the synthesis of proteins.

A "regenerated" skin will be visibly more smooth, compact, plump, bright and with less visible wrinkles.

The best time for rejuvenating treatments is definitely in the evening. During night hoursby exploiting the circadian rhythm, the active ingredients are better absorbed. In fact, cell turnover is concentrated at night.

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Regenerating face treatments: the top products

Advanced Night Repair Mask in Oil
From the cult product line that regenerates the skin during the night's rest, comes the oil mask to apply after the serum, massage and leave on all night. Antioxidants reduce oxidative stress and reveal strengthened, brighter and decongested skin.
alpha h liquid laser concentrate
A treatment that promises results (almost) on a par with aesthetic medicine. The "laser" effect is given by a complex of antioxidants that stimulate cell renewal. The result? Smoother and more homogeneous skin, with more relaxed and rested facial features.
Facial cleanser based on exfoliating agents that eliminate dead cells and stimulate cell regeneration. Contains natural fruit extracts, salicylic acid, probiotics, pink clay and aloe vera.
SUNDAY Riley Luna
A retinol-based face oil that works overnight. The anti-wrinkle efficacy of vitamin A derivatives is widely demonstrated, night after night you will wake up with less and less visible lines of expression, thanks to the cell renewal process.
aurelia cell repair night oil
Again it is a night oil that stimulates cell renewal while we sleep. The complex of active ingredients is of natural origin, with oils rich in omega 3, 6 and 9.
Huile de Nuit Nourrissante Vinosource Caudalie
A dry oil based only on natural oils that repair the skin during the night and create a protective barrier, with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects.
oskia bedtime beauty boost
Night "booster" treatment, rich in essential elements for cell renewal and anti-aging prevention. In the morning the skin will be soft, plumped and radiant.
Rexaline – Renovator
Shock effect treatment that contrasts the appearance of wrinkles thanks to a complex of peptides, capable of promoting protein synthesis and stimulating cell regeneration.
REN skincare
The treatment that promises to give a transformed skin upon awakening. The active ingredients act in 3 phases to renew the skin, stimulate cells and deeply hydrate, thanks to natural extracts of glycolic acid, lactic acid, grapefruit and probiotics.
resultime regenerating collagen gel
High-tech multi-use treatment that stimulates collagen production, with an effective anti-aging action. It can be used as a serum, mask or sleeping pack.
the ordinary rose hip seed oil
The precious rosehip oil from Chile, very pure, organic and cold pressed. Rich in linoleic acid and pro-vitamin A, it is able to renew and repair the skin, fight wrinkles and protect against photo-aging.
madara time miracle total renewal night cream
Night cream with 99% natural ingredients that stimulates cell renewal and natural collagen production. After a month of use, wrinkles should be visibly reduced and the skin more elastic.

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